Facebook Marketplace Winnipeg – Buy and Sell on the Facebook Marketplace

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Are you a resident of Winnipeg province in Manitoba, Canada searching for an online market where you can buy and sell without leaving your home?

Facebook marketplace is now in Winnipeg. Facebook marketplace Winnipeg means the marketplace that is made available in Winnipeg, Manitoba where you can discover, buy, and sell locally with thousands of others on the marketplace app.


Marketplace in Winnipeg is a free and easy mart for everyone to use without leaving the comfort of their home, you can sit on your couch and just shop for the items you want and also sell the ones you no longer use. It is only available to those who have Facebook profiles.


Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook marketplace app is a digital marketplace on Facebook where registered users can discover, make arrangements for purchasing an item and also trading items with other people in their community.

You are not required to download a new app or create a new account to use the marketplace app; it is an in-built app within Facebook itself. You can look through listings or search by category to find great items to buy.

The marketplace of Winnipeg is open for both businesses and people. You can list out both used and new items for sale.

The marketplace is not yet available worldwide, just in a few locations including Canada, the US, UK, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, and many other places that are not mentioned here; the Facebook team is working on making the marketplace worldwide.

The marketplace app is available for users from the age of 18 and above with the updated version of Facebook. It is compatible with mobile devices (IOS and Android), desktops, and tablets.


Facebook Marketplace Category in Winnipeg

There are categories of items you can look through on the Facebook marketplace Winnipeg. You can search for an item directly from the category you want the item from. The categories include;

  • Vehicles.
  • Home & Garden.
  • Properties to rent.
  • Home Scales.
  • Entertainment.
  • Clothing & Accessories.
  • Family.
  • Electronics.
  • Hobbies.
  • Classifieds.

The above are the categories you can look at on Facebook Marketplace Winnipeg.

Where can I find Facebook Marketplace Tab?

The Facebook marketplace tab is available on the Facebook app and desktops and tablets. It is compatible with any device range such as the IOS and Android device.

The marketplace tab is located at the top of your Facebook page on your Android devices and at the bottom of your page on your IOS devices. The tab is on the left-hand side of the page if you are using a web browser.


How do I Get the Marketplace Tab?

The marketplace is available and accessible to those in the locations that the app is made available to. Only old and verified Facebook accounts can use the marketplace app, new accounts are not allowed to access the marketplace to avoid scam or fraud.

To get the tab, you would need to be logged in to your account using the mobile app or website. Follow the steps below;

  • Access your device browser and type in www.facebook.com or launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Enter your mobile phone number or email address and passwords.
  • Click on login.

The account would be loaded on the device if the details are right. You would find a new shop like tab, hit on the tab to load the Facebook Marketplace app on your device.


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