Facebook Messenger Free Download – How to Send Money on Facebook Messenger

Messenger Free Download

Facebook Messenger Free Download is a chatting service that was developed by Facebook for users to communicate. But actually there’s more to this service than just texting. Yes, I know you have been using the platform for long you know that you can make calls, group chat, chat, share, etc with the app. But there’s more. To find out, pay attention and read on.


Facebook Messenger Free Download

Facebook Messenger commonly known as Messenger is a messaging app and platform that is developed by Facebook. It is a separate message functionality form the main Facebook app. Messenger is used for sending and receiving messages, exchange of images, videos, audio, stickers and also files. Users can react to other messages and communicate with bots. Also, making voice and video calls is included. Facebook messenger app supports multiple accounts, conversations with end to end encryption.

Facebook is a social platform is working in ways to improve its services for the benefit and comfort of its users. The Messenger app has a new feature that allows users to send and receive money in the US.


Facebook Messenger App

With the Messenger app, as I said, there is so much more you can do aside from chatting which includes sending and requesting funds from friends. This new feature is a very convenient way of sending and receiving funds online. It is free to use. Facebook Messenger allows you to do the following from anywhere and at any time;

  • Making free video and voice calls.
  • Unlimited texting with friends and family
  • You can record and send out voice ad video messages.
  • Have a group chat.
  • Turn off the light on your Messenger with the dark mode.
  • Express yourself with GIFs, Emojis and Stickers.
  • Send and receive pictures, files, and videos.
  • Send and receive funds securely. It is currently available in the US only.
  • Share your Location with your friends to arrange meetups.

Also, you can connect and chat with businesses or your favorite celebrities and brands.


Facebook Messenger App Download

The app is compatible with any device type. That is to say, it can be download on iOS and Androids devices. Messenger app is free, simple and fast to get. To get, follow the procedures below;

  • Open Google Play or Apple App Store and type in Facebook Messenger on the search engine.
  • Tap on the first Messenger app that would be shown on the result page.
  • The page for download would be loaded, now tap on “Install”.

The Messenger app would be downloaded into the smart device you’re using. You can start using it to carry out any f the activities that are compatible with it. In other to send or receive funds on the app, you need to sign in. Signing in requires your Facebook details.

How to Sign In to Messenger

Signing in to your Messenger app is simple, all you need is your Facebook account details. To sign in, follow the simple steps below;

  • Open the app.
  • If your Facebook is logged in, the app would automatically collect the details to sign you in. You can also sign in manually by typing in the details.
  • Fill in your email ID or Mobile phone number and password.
  • Hit on Sign In”.

The Messenger profile would be loaded and you continue from where you’ve stopped.

How to Send Money on Facebook Messenger

In order to send money, first, you need to set up the account. To send and receive funds on Messenger, you must in the US with a US bank-issued Visa or MasterCard (Debit) or PayPal. And must be 18 and above. The process is simple, let’s start by adding your debit card. Because some funding information is needed.


Start by adding a debit card;

  • On your Messenger profile, scroll to the down to locate “Payments”
  • Tap on the “Payments” option and then “Add New Debit Card”. Then follow the on-screen instructions to commence.

Start a Conversation with the person you’d like to send the funds to. Then to make the transaction or payment, follow below;

  • Tap on the three dots in the box (rectangular in shape). The payment option would be there. Or a “$” sign.
  • Then enter the amount alongside a description for the money or funds.
  • Last but not the least, tap on “Pay”.

The transaction process would be complete.

To request money, tap on “Request” at the top of the screen. Fill in the amount of money you’d like to request for and reason. Then tap on the “Request” button. Your request invoice would be sent.


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