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Facebook Messenger Lite – Facebook Messenger Download – There is almost no difference between the messenger and messenger lite. They perform the same function, but the lite app is more of a sub version of the messenger app. The difference between the two apps is not so noticeable. If you have used the Facebook lite app, you should have some idea of what to expect from the messenger lite app and also know the advantage you get from using both apps. The lite version is mostly known and used because it consumes less data than the regular Facebook. Plus it occupies a smaller amount of space.

Messenger lite is the app you need if you wish to manage your data. Like I stated before, the app occupies a lesser amount of space consumes less data, consumes less of battery life.


Usually, some app on you mobile device including the Messenger app consumes more of your battery life, but, when using the messenger lite app, you would be surprised at how long you spent on your device without having to charge it.

How to Download Facebook Lite Messenger

If after reading this article, you wish to acquire the app, but you don’t know how I have got you covered. Downloading the app is a lot easier than you know. If you have an app store installed on your device, then the process you have to follow just easier. All you need to do in other to acquire the Messenger Lite with app store is:

* First, Open the app store.
* Search for the messenger lite app.
* Once you have located the lite app, click download.
* And install Facebook Messenger Lite.

The lite version of the messenger app does not make the main messenger app useless. The Facebook messenger app is now more like a premium package with all the Facebook features and details you require to enjoy the app to its fullest.

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