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Facebook Messenger Lite – Messenger Lite – Messenger APK – Facebook Messenger is a messaging application which assists people all over the world to connect with one another for free. You can use Messenger from any part of the world you find yourself. This is one advancement which makes sharing of information in different formats possible.

Meanwhile, this mobile application is very easy for users to use. Finding your way around it is straight to the point. Currently, messenger in classified into three (3) categorized which are:

  1. Messenger.
  2. Messenger Lite and.
  3. Messenger for Kids.


The normal messenger application is the most popular and widely used. It consumes more space on your device and requires a higher amount of internet bandwidth compared to the others.

Lite is an initiative developed by Facebook to make up for individuals who have less phone storage and limited internet bandwidth. This is like a lifesaver for people who want to enjoy Facebook to the fullest.

Messenger for Kids is a secured kind which was developed to help kids communicate without exposing them to ideas which they shouldn’t come across.

Facebook Messenger Lite – Features of Messenger

There are great characteristics which make the mobile application what it actually is. Some of them were not available at startup but have now been added to improve the app. The features of this app include:


  1. Text Chatting.
  2. Voice Calling.
  3. Video Chatting.
  4. Expressions (Smileys, Emojis, Feelings, GIFs).
  5. Facebook Story.

There are even settings which enable you to customize your app just the way you would love it.

Free Guideline On How to Download and Install Messenger APK

Downloading and Installing your this app is very easy. Simply follow below:

  1. Visit your app store (Google Playstore, Apple App Store, Windows App Store).
  2. Search “Messenger” or “Messenger Lite” (Choose that which you best prefer).
  3. Click “Download”.
  4. Click “Install”.


How to Update Messenger

Sometimes, FB can give you the option to update your version once a new one comes out but when it doesn’t happen that way, you can follow the steps below to update your app:

  1. Visit your app store.
  2. Search for the app.
  3. Click “Update”.

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