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What do you understand by the term ‘Facebook news today’? Do you want to get access to news on the Facebook platform? If you want to, then you are in the right place. The Facebook platform over the years has shown many of us, probably everyone, that a platform can have it all. If you have made use of the Facebook platform or if you are a current user of the platform then you should know what I mean by the latter. On the other hand, if you are not a user of this platform, you probably won’t understand what I mean. If you want to know, then you need to continue reading this article as this piece has got everything you have been looking for.



Facebook News Today


On the Facebook platform, one can now do just anything he or she wants. Gone are the times when one can only connect with friends and family on the platform by chatting. With Facebook, you can now do everything and also get access to everything. One of the cool features on the platform which is also my personal favorite is the Facebook newsroom feature. With this feature, you can get access to various news both locally and globally. You can also get news in real-time as they happen.

Another type of news you can get via this feature on Facebook is Facebook-related news. That is any news regarding the Facebook platform will be published on this platform. If Facebook is set to release a new feature or tool on the platform, this is the feature or tool to look out for. The Facebook news platform has got you covered on everything news.

What You Need To Access the Facebook News Platform

Getting access to this platform on Facebook is easy. As long as you are a registered user on the Facebook platform, then you will be given unrestricted access to the platform. If you don’t have an account on the platform, you can also access this feature. All you then need is an internet-enabled device and a source of internet connection. But you can opt for a Facebook account if you don’t have one and to do this;

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Click on the ‘create an account’ tab at the bottom of the page just below the login field.
  • Enter your details in the spaces provided in the registration form on the next page and click on ‘create an account’ and that’s it.

You have just successfully created your Facebook account.


How To Access Facebook News Today

Getting access to this feature on Facebook is a very easy one. You don’t really need to login to your Facebook account to do this. To access this platform, go to Facebook Newsroom on your internet-enabled device. That’s it! This link will take you immediately to the Facebook news page. And on this page you will see news as they break all over the world. Do you know the best part of this? It is completely free.

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