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Facebook on the Store

If you are set to get your business, its products, and services, down to the billions of people who are on social media, you should check Facebook on the Store! Yes, we all know Facebook is a social media platform that is currently able to boast of over 3 billion active users. The thing is, what actually keeps these billions coming back to the site? Here’s why?


Facebook has got amazing helpful features that anyone would love! This includes the feature of text messaging, share life moments, connecting with friends, family, and businesses out there. It is also possible for you to keep in touch with your customers! So, if you actually have a business or brand, Facebook is just here for you. How? This social platform can help you get your business right in front of the customers who need them.


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  • Facebook Shop
  • Your Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Shop Button

Facebook on the Store

Do you have an online store or do you wish to set up one for your business? Making use of the social media giant, Facebook, is one effective, easy, and efficient way to boost sales for your business. So, what does Facebook on the Store have to do with your business? This store feature is a page through which you get to reach your customers, keep in touch with them, and sell your products. You may have also heard of this feature referred to as the Facebook shop.

You may actually be wondering why you should begin the use of Facebook on the Store. Well, you should note that you can actually get millions of people to find and patronize your business. Of course! There are millions of brand owners out there who currently make use of this medium. And if you are not there yet, you are just missing out on potential customers, real-time sales, and full engagement.


Facebook Shop

It is absolutely easy for you to add a shop to your Facebook business page. So, if you are a business owner who has an online presence on Facebook through a page, then you can also add a shop section to this page. How does it work? It serves as a medium for you to showcase your products on sale. Here, it works like a real online store where you add all details of your item on sale.

Setting up Facebook on the Store, which is a Facebook store or shop is just one major step to take if you need to take your business to the next level. So, how can you set up this shop? You must have a Facebook business page within your active account. Let’s get on to the next part of this article, as you get to know how to set up a Facebook page on your account.

Your Facebook Business Page

Your business page within this social platform is a major way for you to get your business right in front of the millions of people out there. And for you to set up an online shop within this social media platform, you must have a page. Let’s find out the steps on how to create one for your business.

  • On your Facebook app, log into your account.
  • Within the app, tap on the three horizontal lines, which is the menu button. Scroll through and select “Pages”.
  • However, you are using the Facebook web, tap on “Create”, at the top of the homepage.
  • Next, tap on “Create Page” and select the type of page you wish to create.
  • Fill in some details for the page. They include; business name, category, location, contact details, and others.
  • You could also add a profile and cover photo for the page.
  • Are you done? Tap on “Create”.

From here, you can “Invite Friends” to like and follow this page. These people will be able to get the posts that you make from the page. How to set up your Facebook store? Let’s dive in!


Facebook Shop Button

Talking about adding the “Shop” button to your page. It is just as easy as it could be. If you actually get on your page but do not find this button, you can add it by yourself through the easy steps below.

  • On your Facebook page, tap on “Edit Page Info”.
  • From the options on the page, select “Template and Tab”.
  • Change your page template to a “Business” template.
  • You will find a list of tabs available on your page. To add the “Shop” tab, scroll down to click on “Add Tab”.
  • By the “Shop” option, tap on “Add”

This will take you further, as you get to add your products to the shop! That’s how it works. Customers who come to your page and access the shop tab will be able to find these products.


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