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Hey, there have you heard of the Facebook Pixel Helper before? what does it do? how can you get access to it and make use of it? if all of these are what you are wondering about then you don’t have to anymore.


In this post, we are going to share with you all that you need to know about this feature. So, all you have to do is read through this article to find out more.


Facebook is a platform with so many features that you can take advantage of for your benefit. it is not just a service that offers chatting and communication. There is more to that you get from it. Facebook Pixel is one such feature.


Facebook Pixel Helper

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that helps to render help with issues as it concerns Facebook Pixel. Now if you are wondering what the Facebook Pixel is all about, we have talked about it down below.

This Pixel helper is a browser extension that is available for the chrome browser. The work of this helper is to run a review on websites that are making use of FB pixel.

When it runs the automatic review and sees that there is an issue somewhere, it will help you fix it or give a suggestion on how you can fix it.

One other thing that this pixel helper does is that it helps you validate your pixel implementation.

When this extension is added to your chrome browser, you will see a “</>” icon that will appear on the upper right of your chrome. This icon will show or indicate a blue color when it finds out that there is a pixel code installed on a website.

If it does not turn blue it, therefore, means there is not pixel code on your website.

When the icon turns blue on your chrome you can click on it to see more information about the pixel code.


Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook Pixel? That must be what is going through your mind now.  In a simple nutshell, the FB pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website.

This code lets you know if the Facebook ads you are using are working effectively for you. with the code you can measure, optimize, and build more audience for your website.

This piece of code is a tool that helps you to analyze the actions that are taken on your website by its visitors. Take for example someone who visits your site and carries an action.

The pixel code that you have placed on the website will be triggered by that action that was taken and you will know if this action took place courtesy of your ad.

If the action took place because of your FB ads then you can be able to get back to the customer through the Custom Audience.

When you make use of the Facebook Pixel FB will increase your website traffic by making sure your ads are shown to the right set of people, drive more sales and you will be able to know effective your ad is.

Facebook Pixel Code

The pixel code is one that is generated by team Facebook for you. after this code has been generated you can now place it on your website.

There are ways to get the Facebook Pixel Code on your website which we will show you in this article.

Before you can be able to make use of the pixel code you must own a website and be able to update the website’s code. Once you have these two requirements then you are good to go with FB Pixel Code.


Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome

The helper for a pixel is only available on the chrome web store. It is from this web store that you can add it to your chrome extension. So, follow the steps below on how you can do that.

Follow the steps above and you are good to go.

How to Create Facebook Pixel

To create the pixel code for your website is very easy. Like I said above the code is generated by FB to you but you must first follow the generation procedures.

Below we have given the steps on how you can create and install this code and install it into your website.

  • The first step is to use your FB account and locate the Event Manager.
  • On the page of the event manager click on the “+ Connect Data Source” and the tap on “Web”.
  • Under the web select “Facebook Pixel” and click on “Connect”.
  • Now add your Pixel Name and then the URL of your website and check for easy setup options.
  • Click on “Continue”. This will make the pixel code to be created and generated for you. The next step is to install it on your website.
  • To set up this code for your website go back to the Events Manager.
  • Click on the pixel you want to set up.
  • Click on “Continue Pixel Setup” and select “Install Code Manually”.
  • Copy the pixel base code and paste it into the header of your website.
  • Click on “Continue” and your code will be automatically setup for your website.

There you have it. That is how you create and install the code on your website with so much ease.


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