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Have you ever heard of the Facebook Quick Help? There are a lot of reasons as to why Facebook is considered one of the best social media platform of its generation. It is the most visited social media platform in the world. Facebook has got several mediums through which you get to meet people with similar interests. With Facebook, no one is ever bored as there a lot of cool and interesting things to do. Above are some of the facts of the Facebook platform.

Facebook Quick Help

Sometimes Facebook can be overwhelming to users, both old and new users. The Facebook platform is so vast that you need to use it often to keep yourself updated. There are things we sometimes see on the platform that we have not seen before and may need help in understanding.  Though there are no direct ways to call Facebook, there is a helpful medium a way to connect with them.


Facebook Help Team

This social platform has created a channel in order to connect with their users. This channel or feature is called the Facebook Help Centre. This Facebook Quick Help feature serves those users who want to contact Facebook regarding any issue they have with the Facebook platform. For those users who are overwhelmed by the platform, they can use the help centre to get answers regarding the Facebook platform.

Facebook Help Center Contact

The quick help feature is for every Facebook user. Everyone making use of the Facebook platform can access this feature. There are no terms and conditions for any user to access this Facebook feature. Although, there is a little twist, unfortunately, those persons who do not own a Facebook account or are yet to register an account with Facebook cannot access the Facebook quick help feature. All that is required for these set of persons to do is to register an account with Facebook. To create a Facebook account, visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com or download the app into your smartphone.

To access the Facebook quick help feature on Facebook follow this quick step;

  • Log into your account.
  • On your Facebook homepage, you will find the Facebook quick help icon at the top of your newsfeed. This icon is looking like a question mark.
  • Click on the icon and enter any question you have regarding Facebook in the space provided on the drop-down menu.
  • To get to the Help Center, tap on the “Help Center”.

Follow these easy steps carefully and you will be able to access this Facebook feature. It is also possible for you to visit the help centre through it’s website. Check the next part of this article.


Help Center Facebook

To get to this help from the Facebook team, visit its support platform on facebook.com/help/. However, you access this platform; either through the steps in the previous part of this article or this part, you get to the same location.

Here, you will find common questions that you can get answers to. But what if you do not find your question? You can simply type in and search for the answers to your question using the search bar. There’s just so much more kept in store for you!

Facebook Help Center Live Chat

If you have actually heard of the one on one chat with a personnel from the Facebook team, then here’s what you need to know. This actually depends on your level of account. This feature is normally open to people who advertise using their Facebook account. Once an ad is active, you get to chance to engage in a live chat with them. This is how it works!


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