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Facebook Recover Your Account With Code – If you by any change had issues with Facebook granting you access to your account, then this content is made especially for you. This may be as a result of things that are against FB terms and conditions or even hacking. People continually have issues with this and it can be devastating especially when you don’t have a concrete idea why you no longer have access to your account. Visiting the FB Help Center for information and account recovery will do. Also, you can recover your account if you deactivated it for any reason. That is temporal deactivation not permanent.

One thing FB users should take into serious consideration is their FB Security Settings. It helps secure your account against cyber criminals.


Facebook Account Recovery if You Disabled Your Account Personally

For those who disabled their FB Account by themselves, this is how you recover it.

1. Visit the FB website using your web browser.

2. The sign-up page will display.

3. Input your login details.

4. Click “Cancel Deletion” especially if you have an account nominated to be deleted.

After this, your account will become activate once again.


Facebook Account Recovery for FB Deactivation – Facebook Recover Your Account With Code

Facebook doesn’t just disable people’s accounts. It’s as a result of some compromise in your FB Account. This is how you recover such an account:

* Visit the FB website using your web browser on your desktop

* Input your sign in details and click “Login”

* Click on “My FB Account Has Been Disabled”

* Then, follow https://www.facebook.com/help/www/103873106370583/

* Click “Submit an Appeal” tab

* The appeal form will display with option to log out

* Immediately, close you web browser and open it again

* Input your Email address or Phone number and Name

* Upload a photo of you for identification

After that, you will receive a message once your account has been activated.


Facebook Recovery Code

Facebook Recovery Code is a code given to users by Facebook just in case they want to recover their account. This is how you get it:

1. Login your Facebook Account.

2. Locate “Settings”

3. Click “Security and Login”

4. Click “Two Factor Authentication”

5. Input your password and recover your code

In the case where you visit the Facebook Help Center to recover you FB Account, you may be asked for this code.


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