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Facebook stories allow you to post a short user-generated video and pictures collection that enables your friends to view it more than twice. And this Facebook story can only last for 24 hours and disappears after 24 hours. This is a new feature on Facebook that was added in the year 2017 march 28th and since then it has been one of those features that have been used continuously. And it is seen as a news feed for Facebook. Facebook stories allows users to use interesting filters to their pictures or videos. And also allows users to add their location to their photos and videos.


Facebook Stories

Just as I have written in the previous paragraph. Facebook stories is a new feature. It is therefore one of the many features that make spending time on the Facebook social media platform all worth it. This feature will be bringing a new breath of fresh air to the platform. And if you haven’t gotten in on the act yet, then you should as it is really cool and fun. this feature is a free feature as you don’t get to subscribe to it to make use of the feature.

Facebook Stories Settings


Just like every other Facebook feature, Facebook will not release a feature without giving users the ability to control that feature in the manner that best suits them. With theses stories settings you can choose who you share your story with on the platform. To change the privacy settings of your story on Facebook follow the steps below;

  • Upload a story on your Facebook account.
  • In the bottom right corner of your story, click on the audience selector, and from there you can select who views your status such as public, friends and connections, friends, and custom.
  • When set on public, your friend’s followers and everyone you have chatted with will see your stories. Anyone who follows you can also see your story but only your friends can reply to your stories.
  • For friends and connections, your messenger connections and Facebook friends will see your stories.
  • When set to friends, only your Facebook friends will see your story. Your connections on messenger will not see your story.
  • And lastly when set on custom, you will be able to select the people who will be able to see your stories.

To hide your story from specific people

  • Open the Facebook app on your android or iOS device.
  • Next, you will need to set your privacy to friends and connections or just friends.
  • Next, tap on the ‘hide story from.’ tab.
  • Select the persons you would like to hide your story from and lastly tap on save.

Note that if you have placed anyone on the restricted list, the said person will not be able to see your story. When you make changes to your Facebook stories, the changes will apply o every item on your story at the moment and beyond. Also know that you can make changes to these settings anytime you choose.


Features Of The Facebook Stories

Facebook stories include the following;

  • Animated selfie glasses
  • Emojis
  • Fine art styles
  • Specified country filters etc.

Just about anything listed from videos to animated gifs can be uploaded as a story on the Facebook platform.

How Facebook Stories Work

Facebook stories appear at the top corner of your Facebook page. And before you can view these stories all you just have to do is to tap the circle where your friend’s name appears. When you are viewing these pictures, you also have the chance to reply to their story with a direct message. And when your friends reply to your stories it can be viewed in your story. Or will be directed to your messenger. Facebook even allows you to see the number of people that view your story. And if you want to pause a story, all you just have to do is to click and then you hold.


Steps On How To Post Content On Facebook Stories

These steps are very simple if you follow them carefully. All you just need to do is;

  • Go to the right corner of your Facebook account homepage to use the camera
  • Click on the circle shape at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. And if you want to record a video you will just have to tap and hold the circle shape.
  • You can also take pictures from your gallery on your screen. And if you want to add any filter to your content you will just have to swipe up and choose your preferred choice.
  • All you need to do is to click on alphabet A to add any text and click on the pencil icon to draw on your content.
  • Then all you will just have to do is to click on the arrow facing the right direction to post your story.

How To Post Facebook Stories When Using Facebook Lite

Posting on your Facebook story is easy, but it is only easy when you have don’t it before. If you haven’t posted a Facebook story, follow the steps below;

  • Login to our Facebook account via the web or the Facebook mobile app.
  • at the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you will find the add story tab.
  • Click on the icon add story. Then you click on your preferred pictures you want to put in your Facebook stories. Then you look carefully and click on the next icon at the bottom of the page. Before this story can be posted you will see the settings concerning your Facebook.
  • You can also choose who you want to view your story and who you don’t want to view your story.
  • Then you click on add to story at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoy using your Facebook account, because Facebook is another way of communicating with your friends from different parts of the world. And you can also share photos with your family and friends. Indulge with this new feature given so you can enjoy using it at all times.


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