Facebook Timeline Video – Facebook App Download | Facebook Account Creation

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Wondering what a Facebook timeline video is? Then you’ve clicked on the post to learning more about the Facebook timeline and timeline video. Facebook is a social networking media that can be used to maintain a friend list. Post photos and videos, you can also post comments and links. Watch short videos on the Facebook platform. Edit your account settings including Privacy, general, and many more settings on the Facebook page. Read on.


Facebook Timeline Video

Facebook Timeline Video is the video clip that you upload on your timeline. Or that is added to your timeline by a friend. Facebook timeline is a page on your Facebook account, where you can share your pictures, videos. Also, edit your timeline review to see those people that tagged you on their posts. You can upload a profile video that will be displayed on Facebook profiles across to other Facebook users. This can be done using the mobile application of Facebook on your smartphone.

Facebook App Download

The Facebook mobile app is free for download on your device App Store. In order words, it is compatible with any device type. To download the app, follow below;

  • Locate and launch the app store on your device
  • Then use the search box to find the Facebook application.
  • Hit on the first result that will be appeared on the result page and click on the download button.

Wait for the Facebook app to be downloaded and open the app from the same page.


Facebook Account Creation

To add or edit your Facebook timeline video, you must have a Facebook account. Signing up for a Facebook account is quite simple and free. Launch the Facebook app on your device and follow the steps below;

  • On the Facebook page displayed, tap on the “Create New Facebook Account” tab.
  • Fill in your name (first and surname), date of birth, and gender.
  • Provide your number or email to create.
  • Create a simple password for the new account and select “Sign Up”.

Verify your Facebook account through the mail sent or type in the code sent your mobile number.

How to Sign In

If you already have a Facebook account, you can sign in to add a new Facebook timeline video to your Facebook profile. Follow the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and click on sign in.
  • Type in your Facebook account login details on the text boxes. Then click on “Sign in”.

Once you’ve hit on Login, the profile would be displayed if your logging details are right.


How To Upload A Video Your Profile

You can add or change the video your timeline from any device by following the simple steps below;

  • Hit on your “display picture” on the device you are using.
  • Then hit on the Upload profile “Video” and choose the video you’d like to use.
  • Edit and tap on “Use”.

The video will be uploaded and will be displayed on your profile for anyone on the Facebook page to view.

Uploading A Video On Your Facebook Timeline

Follow the steps below to add a video;

  • Hit on the “Photo/Video” option on your Facebook page.
  • Choose the video you’d like to use.
  • Type in a comment or an explanation in the say something box. Add tags and select the audience.
  • Then tap on “Post” to upload the video.

The video will be uploaded successfully if you have a good data connection.


Controlling Who Can See What’s On My Facebook Timeline

You can set and control the audience that sees the posts on your Facebook timeline. Here is an overview of who can see your Facebook timeline:

  • If you wish to edit the places you have lived or relationships on your Facebook timeline, hit on the “About” option below your cover photo, type in the information you want to change and click on “Edit”. Use the audience selector icon to set the changes you want.
  • On your Facebook timeline, you and your Facebook friends are the only people that can post on your Timeline. The audience selector icon can actually be used to select those you wish your posts to be visible to. When others post on your Facebook timeline, you can set who can see the post by clicking “who can see what others post on my timeline”.
  • You can also accept or decline posts that you are tagged in before adding it to your Facebook timeline by turning on your “Timeline review”.

If you wish to see how your Facebook profile appears on the other pages hit on the view as an option your Facebook timeline.


How To See Posts You Are Tagged In Before Appearing On Your Timeline

Your timeline reviews let accept or ignore the posts you’re tagged in. Below are the guides to turn on Facebook Timeline review;

  • Hit on the drop-down arrow at the top of the Facebook platform and click “Settings”.
  • On the dropdown list hit on the “Timeline and tagging” option.
  • Find the setting “Review posts you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline” and click on “Edit”.
  • Then select the “Enabled or disabled” tab.

Changing The Audience Of A Post You Have Shared

To change the audience of a post you’ve shared on your account, open the Facebook page, and go to your timeline. And then select the post you’d like to edit. Tap on your Audience selector on the post. Choose the audience you want and tap on the “Save” button.

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