Fb Lite – Fb Lite Apps – How to Download Fbl


You might be wondering what Fbl stands for in this context. It simply stands for Facebook Lite; the lighter version of Facebook. With Fb lite, you can easily and swiftly navigate through your Facebook account in any kind of network condition and using any kind of phone you’re using.

Fb Lite is an android app that is designed for low-speed connections and low-spec devices Facebook users. Facebook lite since its inception has proven to meet up to its standard and aim of production.

How to Download Fb Lite on your Mobile Device

Fb lite as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts is created to suit low spec phone users and areas with poor internet connection. This is so that people in this categories can also enjoy all the features available in Facebook for all its users. You can easily download the app on your device like just the way you do for other mobile apps. Below are summarize steps on how to:

  • Access your device Play Store and search for Facebook lite. Knowing fully well that device play store varies, so I won’t be telling you the specific one to go to.
  • Click on the Fb lite icon to download. It will automatically install after it finish downloading. The app consumes less space and data as it usually comes in less than two megabytes.
  • After it’s finished installing, close the Play store you’re using and you’ll find the app on your menu screen.

Fb Lite App


Open the Fb lite app that has been installed on your mobile device and add your Facebook account. I assure you there is a lot to gain from using the fb lite app. You will find out that the app is very light, small and easier to manage. Not just that, the characters are also very large, since its designed for low spec phones. This is to make it quite easier to read through, and navigate.

This app is one app you shouldn’t ignore having in your mobile. I bet you, you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll be in dire need of it. Also Fbl app also has free messenger feature. Where you get to send and receive instant messages, videos, photos, calls, and more. Always check for latest version of Facebook lite, so you’re not left out on new exciting updates .

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