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FedEx Service is one of the greatest services that customers prefer most especially in the United State. The FedEx you see offers a lot of services as stated above. It provides sales, information technology, marketing, communications, and technical support, billing and collection services. It also provides customer service and certain back-office functions that support transportation segments. There are many services that the FedEx offers to users, using FedEx life will be made easy and comfortable. If you are experiencing some trouble when it comes to marketing or any other services FedEx is the right platform for you to use.


FedEx Service

The FedEx Corporation is an American multinational courier delivery Services Company is headquartered is in Memphis, Tennessee. This is a company that is known for its overnight shipping services and also pioneering s system that could track packages and also provide real-time updates on packages location. This is a feature that has now been implemented by most other carrier services.  So I will be showing or telling you the services that this platform offers to users.


FedEx Services

There are lots of services that the FedEx platform offers and I will like to tell you these services, just read below:

  • There is FedEx Express – Now the service is known as one of the largest companies that offer transportation and shipping.
  • Also FedEx Freight – with this service, you are provided with less-than-truckload services in the US.
  • There is FedEx Ground – with this service, you get to engage in small-package ground shipping and delivery.
  • Also, there is a FedEx Office – the office provides you with customer service, billing and support, and other services.
  • There is FedEx Corporate Services – Also with this, you get access to services such as information and technology, sales, communications, marketing, and support for other segments of the FedEx Business.

These are some major services the FedEx offers to users.


FedEx Business

The FedEx business is all about shipping and delivery. The platform offers home and international shipping and delivery to users. In order, this platform provides home delivery outside or within a country. You can see that this service is not only used in the US but also in other countries, you can see how beneficial it can be.

FedEx Home Delivery

This service delivers and ships goods or items within 1-5 business days within the US and 3-7 business days to and also from Hawaii and Alaska. Now they ship and also deliver from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 8 pm. All these services are available in all 50 states in the United State of America. Now size and weight of items or items should be about 70 lv, 108” in length, and 165” in length plus.

But you should know that they do not deliver to P.O. boxes and hazardous materials are also not allowed.

FedEx International Shipping

The FedEx platform provides users with international shipping and also business services. Do you know how this works? The platform ships and also delivers a lot of countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada within 2 – 3 business days. Now from here, they can ship to other territories and countries within 2 – 5 business days. Also, it is possible for you to import from other countries too. But before you can make use of the services you must be a user, e registered one. To be a user you must sign up to have an account on the platform.


FedEx Sign Up

To sign up also means creating a new account. With this account, you can be able to access the FedEx services easy and free without stress or errors. What you must now do is to follow all the steps below;

  • You can go to the FedEx website, or and select your language.
  • Also on the right side of the page, tap on “sign up/login”.
  • Now in the drop menu, tap on “register now”.
  • Then fill in your details.
  • Lastly, simply tap on the “enter login details”.

Once you follow all the steps that are displayed above correctly then you will successfully create a FedEx account.

FedEx Login

Well if you want to access your FedEx account that you have created on the FedEx platform then you should follow all the steps shown below:

  • You can go to the FedEx website,
  • Also on the right side of the page, tap on “sign up/login”.
  • Now enter your username and also provide your password.
  • After that click “login”.

Immediately you will have access to your FedEx account successfully.

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