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What is free Messenger? Have you ever thought of using Facebook messenger before? If you have, then you haven’t thought of using Facebook messenger for free before. Facebook Messenger can be used for many purposes; most of these purposes can be used for free. The Facebook messenger is an app that can be installed on your Android or iOS device. Note that this app has system requirements. Before using messenger for free, you must have the latest version of Facebook messenger installed on your device and you need a Facebook account. Facebook messenger is a subversion of the original Facebook we know. Using the Facebook messenger for Facebook has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages.


Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger for Facebook

The benefits of Facebook messenger are too numerous to be outlined. For this reason I would just make a brief list of some of them. Here are the benefits of the Facebook messenger app.

  • The Facebook messenger app allows you to message anyone on Facebook without having their contact like WhatsApp.
  • The Facebook messenger allows you to rally your group using polls. This means that you can create polls using Facebook messenger.
  • Easily customize your chat using GIFs, colors, and stickers.
  • Easily send video and audio files with an optional filter feature.
  • You can hang out with friends using video chat. Facebook Messenger also allows you to customize and edit you are seen on video chats.
  • You can also challenge your friends on Facebook through messenger games.

To begin using Facebook messenger for free, you need to download and install the Facebook messenger app.


Facebook Messenger App Download

The latest version of the Facebook messenger app can be downloaded from the Google play store or iOS store. Some devices do not have this store. For these devices the app can be downloaded from an external server following this link (Here). To, therefore, download the Facebook messenger app from your devices play store, follow the steps below;

  • On your mobile device, locate the google play store or apple app store icon.
  • After locating your devices app store tap on it.
  • On your device’s app store, using the search bar, enter the ‘Facebook messenger app’ as a keyword and hit on the search tab.
  • From the search results, tap on the Facebook messenger and then on the get or install tab.

The Facebook messenger app will be installed immediately to your device after tapping on the install or get tab.


Facebook Messenger Free

Using Facebook messenger for free is pretty easy, all you need is a network provider sim card. When you get the sim, follow the steps below;

  • Put the sim on your device and turn on the data connection.
  • Launch the Facebook messenger app and sign in using your Facebook account details.
  • If you use any of the sim card mentioned above, you would receive a pop up saying that you can use some feature on messenger for free.

You can use Facebook messenger to send messages and stickers for free.

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