Get Paid from Facebook Ads – How to Access Facebook Ads | How to Get Paid from Facebook Advertising

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Do you know that you can get paid from Facebook ads? On the Facebook platform, you can get paid for posting ads on your page. Facebook is the largest social networking with over 2 billion active users worldwide, so starting a business is very easy and you can get money from the platform.

The science behind Facebook statics provides that no matter the audience that you would like to reach with your products or service, you are likely to find them on the platform without having many problems. I will be showing you how you can get paid from Facebook ads.



Get Paid from Facebook Ads

Getting paid from Facebook ads is very simple and effective if you put your mind to it. Facebook ads are the designed contents with graphical imagery on the platform to showcase or reach out to the people you want to reach through Facebook targeting tools. Before creating ads you are given the choice of choosing where you want the ad to be shown. And also choose the format you want to use from the ad formats on the advertising site. To get paid with ads on Facebook, you would need to have a Facebook account or simply create a new one if you do not have any via the mobile app or website.

How to Access Facebook Ads

You can easily access the Facebook ads platform or the ads of the people you want to help in advertising for and get paid only when you have an account with Facebook. If you have an account you simply sign in to your account. To sign in to Facebook, follow the guides below;

  • Install and launch the Facebook mobile app on your device or access your browser and type in and then search.
  • Provide the login details of the account; mobile phone number or email address and the password.
  • Hit on the login to process the account on your device.

If the provided details are correct, the account will be loaded on the device immediately.


Facebook Account Create

To have access to the Facebook ads platform you need to have an account. You can only get paid from Facebook ads only if you have an account with the platform. You easily sign up for an account by following the instructions below via the website or mobile app;

  • Launch the Facebook mobile apk if you have it on your device or access your browser and go to
  • Provide the information required on the fields, enter in your first name, surname.
  • Select your date of birth from the field.
  • Type in your mobile phone number or email address for the account.
  • Choose the gender for the account and then create a password for the account.
  • Hit on Sign up to register.

The Facebook account will be created immediately and Facebook will send you a confirmation to verify the account with. The confirmation might come as a text with code or a mail with a link depending on what you used for the signing up process.


How to Start Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on the platform is simple if you know what you’re doing and what you want. To start, there are some factors to consider if you want a successful campaign. Here I will be sharing you the steps or guides to start. They are;

  • Creating an Ad Account
  • Install the Facebook Pixel.
  • Define the Objective you want.
  • Name the Campaign
  • Create the Ad set.
  • Create the Ad campaign.
  • Lastly, publish your ad campaign.

How to Get Paid from Facebook Advertising

On Facebook, lots of individuals have come up with ideas on how to offer those seeking to advertise their product or ads and they get paid in return. On the platform, you can post ads for companies or entities and get paid from it. Here is what you would need to do to start earning from Facebook ads:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Search for pages and sites that partner with Facebook users and then advertise for them.
  • Once your partnership with the companies or entities is approved, you would then be given access to the ads they have run.
  • From there you can pick the ads you would like to display on your Facebook account by posting them directly to your newsfeed.

They can change the ads from time to time. The money you would be given is dependent on the amount they are willing to pay you depending on the followers and friends you have.


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