Google Assistant – What Does this Feature Do | How to Use Google Assistant


Are you excited to get the Google Assistant on your phone? Well, if you do not know what this feature is all about, you have just been missing out on so much fun and convenience. However, you should know that millions of people out there are currently on the use of this service. It is rolling out to so many Android and iOS phones in different parts of the world. Let’s check how it can also get to your phone or perhaps it may be there already but you just haven’t found out yet.


Table of Contents

  • Google Assistant
  • What Does This Feature Do?
  • Google Assistant App
  • How to Use Google Assistant 


Google Assistant


Google Assistant has been able to make amazing progress since its launch in 2016 and is probably one of the most advanced assistants out there. Google has been able to spread this assistant feature to different parts of the world. This does not happen only through its hardware but through partnerships with other companies. Let’s check out how this feature actually works.

This feature is also known as a voice assistant. When it was launched at first, this feature was an extension of the “Google Now” feature. It was designed to be personal while expanding on the existing “OK Google” controls. The Google Now platform actually kept relevant information about yourself. It knows where you work, trip plans, meetings, sports teams that you like, and so much more about your interests.


What Does This Feature Do

This amazing and helpful feature from Google provides you with real-time services such as voice commands, voice-activated controls, and voice searching. Using this app, you just have to say the wake-up words such as “OK Google” or “Hey, Google”. It is simply designed to provide you with interactions.

This app provides you with the following services.

  • Takes control of your devices and smart home
  • Spoken translations
  • The app gains access to the information from your calendars and other personal details
  • Reads out your notification to you
  • Find details online, ranging from directions to news, weather to bookings, and much more
  • Open the apps on your smartphone
  • Takes control of your songs
  • Send messages and makes the appointment
  • Play the content on your Chromecast and other compatible devices
  • Run your reminders and timers

Once you begin a conversation with the assistant, you do not have to say “OK Google” during the conversation. You have started talking to Google and so it listens for a response.


Google Assistant App

Your Google Assistant is always ready to help you whenever you are just in need of it. Manage your busy schedule, get assistance for your daily tasks and activities, control your smart home devices, enjoy real-time entertainment, and so much more! All you have to start with is “OK Google” or “Hey, Google”.

  • On your smartphone, visit the Google Play Store/Apple App Store.
  • You will find a search bar at the top of the page.
  • In that search box, you have to type in and search for “Google Assistant”.
  • You will find search results on the next page.
  • Find and select this official app by tapping on it.
  • To download the app into your device, tap on “Install” or “GET”.

This will begin the download of the app into your smartphone. After the download, open the app and enjoy the rest of the moment.


How to Use Google Assistant

This feature is activated by pressing a long hold on the home button or the home icon of your smartphone. Hold this button, and the assistant feature will tell you to speak what you want. This will begin the search process. However, you should trigger assistant by saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” followed by the query you have made.

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