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Do you need a Google Duo App Review? If yes, then I would be more than glad to tell you more about it. This service enables you to have simple, high-quality video calls on your smartphones, computers, and other compatible devices. The Duo is very simple to set up and use and I will be showing how to set up. But first, let’s know what Google Duo means.



Google Duo App Review 


Google Duo is a video chat mobile application that is developed by Google. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can also be used via the Google Chrome web browser on desktop and laptop computers. What else does it do? This feature allows its users to make free video calls in high definition and it is secured with an end to end encryption. The service is based on the contacts on your device, with that, you can call those on your contact list.

There are some features you would enjoy using the video calling service. If you love using Facetime for calls, then trust me when I say you would love this one too. The feature is known as “Knock Knock” which allows you to see who is calling before taking the call.


Google Duo

Google Duo calls are made in 720p HD video. Also, optimized for low bandwidth mobile networks via WebRTC and makes use of QUIC over UDP. As I said earlier, it is based on your phone list or contacts, with that, you can call those in your contact list. The end to end encryption is automatically enabled by default. Google Duo automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

This video calling service allows group calling an also making calls between Android and iOS. Also, there’s a low light mode that you can use if you feel the white background and brightness is a bit too much. In order to use and enjoy the app, you need to download the application right on your smartphone. Being compatible with any device means it can be installed on iOS and Android devices so you will not be left out.

Google Duo App Download

The Duo application is simple, free, and fast to download on your device. It can be downloaded on your iOs and Android devices, all you need is a good Mobile Data, Wi-Fi or cellular connection. To install Google Duo on your device, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then on the search box type in Google Duo.
  • From the search page, tap on the first one on the Duo result.
  • The information page of Google Duo would be displayed, tap on “Install” or “Download” to get the app.

The Duo app would be installed immediately into your device and you can start using it.


How to Set Up Google Duo

Google Duo can be used to call friends and family far and near who makes use of the app too. You use Duo via the web or the app. The choice is all yours. Either download it to your smartphone or use it on your desktop. To set up, read below;

  1. Once the app is installed on your smartphone.
  2. Verify your mobile number: this step can be skipped if you wish t use your Google Account. To verify the number, follow the guides below;
  • Input your number and hit on “Agree”.
  • You would be sent a code in a one time SMS message.
  • Type in the code on the box that would be provided. If the SMS didn’t come in, you can hit “Resend SMS”. The number would be verified right away.
  1. Connect your Google Account: connecting your Google account is simple. Start by hitting on “Agree”. The Google account is already attached to a Duo account, you would be signed in with the same account to commence the setup process.

Once the above instructions are followed carefully, you can start using Duo to make your calls.


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