Google Hangout Dating – Hangout Dating Groups | How To Use Google Hangout For Dating

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Google hangout is an interactive site that is associated with instant messaging, video calls and text. It is a major prominent part of Google+ that allows its users to have interactions with one another and also get to connect with new people. The best part of this site is that people who are single are allowed to make use of the features of the hangout dating for the purpose of dating.

The Hangout dating site is seen as one of the most popular dating sites that have features that makes it easy for its users to connect. One particular aspect that people who are single and are looking for a date partner like about this site is being able to make use of the Video call feature to be able to see the face of the person they are dating.


How To Use Google Hangout For Dating

In order for you to be able to make use of Google Hangouts, you will be required to join Google+ which is very easy to join if you already have a Google account. Here are steps on to join Google+ and make use of Google Hangout for dating:

  • First log into your Google account, advance your Google account so that it will be up to date, then create a public profile
  • Follow the sequential steps to add up people and page of your interest.
  • You will also be required to add your personal information so that other members can be able to know things about you through looking at your profile.
  • Immediately after you have joined Google+, then you can be able to locate the hangout category at the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click on the HANGOUT button to begin with your hangout.
  • You now have access to Google hangout, you will then see options like; list of people you can invite, option to name your hangout and list of your friends.
  • You can be able to add the people you wish to add to your hangout. with this, you can then go through the list of people that can be invited in order to find someone that has the same interest as you so that you can start up an interaction with the person.


Hangout for Singles

As you have now joined Google hangout, created a profile, and have set up your chatroom, then you can now connect with singles if you are single and searching.

  • After you have set up the room for chat, you will then see the group of persons in the chatroom and options like invite, chat and screen share.
  • In order to identify the person, you are chatting or speaking to, you can do that through the text highlighted on the page top, then you can now begin communications with the singles persons.
  • If you wish to single out someone you find interesting and also be able to view just them, you can do that by tapping on their image at the screen bottom.
  • You can mute other people in the chatroom if you wish and then put all your attention on that one person that caught your interest.


Using Google Hangout Dating Via Gmail

The Google Hangout dating is also made available on your Gmail. You might be using your Gmail account to just send messages to your family and friends or to send official messages but know that you can use it to do more than that Here are steps to access the hangout dating through your Gmail:

  • Visit the link, and log into your Gmail account
  • Tap on the dark icon on the left side of the page for HANGOUT.
  • Then tap on the plus sign on the Hangout category.
  • If you wish to chat with people then enter the email address of the person you wish to chat with in the search box.
  • To begin the chat, enter the messages in the chat box at the lower part.
  • select the hangout window and the messages you sent will be marked as read, then your profile will be displayed at the last sent message in the dialogue.


With this, you can be able to receive or send messages with even more than one person.

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