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Have you heard of Google malware checker? If you don’t know what the Google malware checker is, you have nothing to worry about as I will be telling you what it is all about. But before I do that, do you know what malware is? Malware is a short term for malicious software. And this refers to software, any software, that is designed to harm any other software or desktop it is installed in. most users always underestimated the effects of malware in their system which is very bad. Malware is very harmful and as such should be treated with lots of attention and all seriousness.



Google Malware Checker


Malwares can easily steal sensitive information’s from our devices such as credit card information and other relevant pieces of information we wish to keep secret and private. There are instances where malwares send wrong emails from a person’s system to another account without the knowledge of the said person and this can be very dangerous.

Malwares include Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, worms, and adware’s. It is very important that if you notice any form of malware in your system you try to get it out. If you are a webmaster, it is also very important that you run checks on your system and websites at all times to check for these malwares because if given chance, they may cause real damages and this is where the Google malware checker comes in.

Does Google Have A Malware Checker Product

Normally the answer to this question without thinking about it will be yes. But unfortunately, Google does not have a product or tool that helps remove malwares from software’s or devices. Bu something you should know is that it rubs a program that notifies you of platforms or sites with malwares. And the name of this tool is goggle safe browsing. This service provided by Google lets applications run URL’s against a regularly updated list by Google of suspected malware pages and phishing. There are also third-party applications that can help with this and some of them are;

  • Lavasoft ad-ware.
  • Norton internet security.
  • Spyware doctor.
  • MacScan.

These are the names of third-party apps that can help eliminate malwares from your system and device. All you have to do is to check them up online and run the required tests. For a more advanced problem you can also check out HijackThis.


Google Malware Checker Tool | Google Safe Browser

Google does not have a system that helps remove malwares from software’s and devices rather it does offer safe browsing. Have you heard of the Google safe browser? Do you know what it is all about? The Google safe browser feature or tool of Google is not a browser on its own. This is a tool on Google that helps web surfers and webmasters get notification about malwares on their systems or sites.

Want to know how this tool works? Here it is. When you visit a website that contains malwares and viruses, you will get notified by the Google safe browser tool with a warning message. It is therefore left out for you to now visit that site. This Google tool runs across some of Google products. Another prominent Google product this tool runs on is Google mail. When you want to open a mail or message with malicious links you will be notified with a warning message. You can then choose to disregard the message or continue with it by clicking on the link.

For webmasters when people visit your site and your site unfortunately is containing malwares, the visitor will be warned against visiting the site. As a webmaster this is not looking good. This will cause a decrease in your sites traffic. To detect these malwares and remove them from your site you can make use of the Google webmaster tool by signing up for an account.


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