Guidelines for Creating a Facebook Account – Facebook App Download | How to Create Facebook Account


Creating a Facebook account is simple and free, but there are Guidelines for Creating a Facebook Account. Also, there are two methods that you can use when creating your account and I will be showing you the process of creating an account with the two methods. Now, read on to find out more.

Guidelines for Creating a Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook can be done using the app or website. Nothing much is required for creating aside from an active email or number. Facebook is the biggest and most popular social platform for individuals in different locations to connect, share, and communicate with loved ones far and near. The platform has a very friendly user interface and easy to use.

Creating a Facebook profile on the platform allows you to enjoy all the benefits that are made available for users. Before going on to create the account, let’s talk briefly about the platform and app.




Facebook is a social platform that can be accessible to its mobile app or website. Interested individuals sign up for an account to connect, share, meet new friends, and also communicate with loved ones far and near. Over 2 billion people are using this wonderful platform. People send friend requests to both the people they know and don’t know. Facebook has a social network comes with lots of beneficial features or opportunities for individuals and also brands or business. All that is needed is for individuals to create an account.

Aside from connecting, sharing, and communicating, the platform can be used as a networking tool for businesses. Individuals from the age of 13 upward can create an account. Facebook, as I said, can be accessed using the website or mobile app.

Facebook App Download

The Facebook mobile app download is a version that was designed for smartphone users. It is free to download and offers better and faster navigations around the app. Users can download the app using Google Play Store or Apple App Store because it is compatible with devices like iOS and Android. There’s so much you can do with the app, but first, you need to download it.

Now, launch your App Store and use the search box to input Facebook. A search result displaying similar search terms would be shown. Tap on the first one to open its information page. Then last but not least, tap on “Install”. If you have a good internet connection, the app would be downloaded immediately into the device.


How to Create Facebook Account

I earlier said that the Facebook account creation process goes with two methods and these methods are mobile number and email address. And now, I will be giving you the steps in creating an account with each method. So pay attention and follow below.

Create an Account with Number

  • Launch the app on your smartphone or access your web browser on your desktop and go to
  • Click on Sign Up on the website or Tap on “Create New Facebook Account” on the app.
  • Then enter your first name and last name, go to next.
  • Indicate your date of birth and gender.
  • Then type in an active phone number.
  • Create a password and hit on “Sign Up”.

The account would be created immediately without wasting time, but the process would only be complete once you confirm the number. Facebook will then send you a code, input the code on the box that would be provided for it to confirm it.


Create Facebook Account Email Address

  • Launch the app on a smart device or use your web browser and to the official URL.
  • Click on Sign Up or tap on “Create New Account”.
  • Provide the name you go by, first, and last name.
  • Choose your date of date from the ones that would be shown and indicate gender.
  • Provide an email address that you’d like to use.
  • Create a password and select Sign Up.

Now to commence the account, you would need to confirm the email. Check your mailbox and click on the email from Facebook. Then hit on the link included in the mail to confirm your new account. After the confirmation, you can add a profile picture and cover photo.

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