Help Facebook Delete Account – How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account


Help Facebook Delete Account; Do you want to permanently delete your Facebook account? Unlike other social media, Facebook accounts are often deleted by users if they wish to get off Facebook. This may erase your name, messages, and other information about you which you’ve got shared from Facebook history. Also, once your Facebook account is deleted, you won’t be able to get back into it. That is to say, if you ever feel like using Facebook again, you need to start all over by creating a new profile. In this Help Facebook Account Delete article, I will be showing you how to download your information and delete the account permanently.



Help Facebook Delete Account


Help Facebook Account Delete is a guide from which you can learn how to delete Facebook account. Deleting your account is simple and quite fast to download, however, it is advised for you to download your information. Now, if you feel like giving the platform a break, then you don’t need to delete the account. Guess what you can do instead? Oh well, you can simply deactivate the account. Yes, that’s right, you can deactivate your Facebook account and reactivate whenever you want. Deleting or deactivating an account can be done using the mobile app or website.

Facebook Delete Account

Deleting your Facebook account is simple and can be done fastly. All that is needed is for you to log in to your account using the web or mobile app. It is a permanent thing, so it is advised for users to download their information. Most users feel like deleting their accounts could stop those that are bullying them, however, that’s not always true. Because they could still be using the platform and will still send a request once they noticed you open an account. The best way is to restrict and block them from contacting you on the platform.

However, if you have made the decision of deleting the account, then first, let’s download your Facebook information.


Facebook Deactivate Account

Deactivating your Facebook account comes with some conditions such as not been seen on the search results. That is to say, your friends will no longer find your profile on the platform when they search you. Friends won’t be able to tag or mention you in a post or comment. One of the reasons I’d prefer deactivating is that you can be gone for as long as you want and then reactivate it by just entering your login details. That’s if you remember the login details.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivating your Facebook account means you are giving the platform, friends, and everything else there a break. It is simple and in no time, your Facebook profile will be deactivated if you follow these steps;

  • Go to the Facebook site URL or launch the app
  • Hit on the menu option on your account and select Settings and privacy, and then Settings.
  • Select “Your Facebook Information” and hit Deactivation and Deletion.
  • Then select “Deactivate Account” and hit Continue to Account Deactivation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to commence by putting your account password.

By following the steps listed above, your account will be deactivated in non and you will be logged out. To reactivate your account, all you have to do is to enter your login details on the login page.


Accessing and Downloading Facebook Information

Before going ahead to delete your Facebook account, you have to download your information. However, it is optional, so you can decide to download or not. To download, you have to use the Download your information tool from your account. Follow the guides below to access;

  • Open your account menu and hit on “Settings and Privacy” and then “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the “Your Facebook Information” option and select Download Your Information.
  • Hit on the circles to add or remove the categories.
  • Select the format, quality of images, videos, and others. Also, the date range you’d want the download from.
  • Then, select “Create File” to confirm your request.

After the request has been made, your download will appear as pending in the available files section.

To download;

Once Facebook has finished preparing your download request, you will be notified or an email will be sent. So follow below to download the files;

  • Head to the Available Files section of your Information Download tool.
  • Hit on “Download” and type in your password.

Your file will be downloaded immediately into the device that you are using. Now, let’s delete the account.


How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

The process is simple and can be done by following the instructions below;

  • From your profile menu, select “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”.
  • Select Your Facebook Information and then “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Select “Permanently Delete Account, then select “Continue to Account Deletion”.
  • Click on “Delete Account”, enter your account password and select “Continue”.

Your profile will be deleted immediately if you follow the instructions above.

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