How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019 – How to Go Live on Tik Tok on Android | How to Go Live on Tik Tok on iPhone


How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019? This is one question currently asked by so many people out there. Why? People have come to realize that millions of people use this app. With this, they would love to interact and communicate with others through different means. This also means going live. But the thing is, How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019?


How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019

How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019? This is one question asked by so many users of the TikTok app. And if you are part of the people asking this, then you have just arrived at the ultimate location, as you will get just every detail that you need in this article. However, before directing you to the steps of going live, I will have to make you understand what going live is all about.


If you are conversant with the TikTok app, then you should know that it is a video sharing social media app, which gives you the chance to create, upload and watch videos. What does this have to do with going live? Going live also comes in a video form. How? Going live has to do with performing, acting, or talking while people can watch you live! In this case, you do not have to create the video and upload it. As long as you make use of the live feature, people can watch you live while engaging in whatever activity you want to share with others. How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019? Let’s dive in!


How Many Followers Do You Need to Go Live on TikTok

Well, this feature is still under testing and not yet available to all users of this all. However, it is stated that you must have followers on your TikTok account. How many followers do you need to be eligible for this amazing “Go Live” feature? 1,000 followers! So, you have to start grinding and working hard to gain your followers if you want to enjoy this live feature! How Do You Go Live on Tik Tok 2019? We’re still on it, as you will get the steps to help you go live on TikTok.

How to Go Live on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, which is currently used by millions of people. It has been able to attract these millions through the amazing features that it provides. Here, you get to create your own original videos through lip-syncing, using your favorite soundtracks and all of that. You can share your life moments through videos.

This will take us further, as you get the steps on how you can go live on this video sharing social media app!

  • On your smartphone, open the TikTok app
  • On the app, log in to your account
  • Within the app, tap on the “+” sign
  • Once the video screen pops up, click on the “Live” button. You will find this close to the record button
  • Now, all you have to do is add an attractive title to the live video, so your viewers can know what it is about.
  • Click on “Go Live” and the streaming will begin

That’s just how it works! People can now watch you live as you perform. Enjoy, as you share your moment with friends and family who also use this app.

TikTok is a video-sharing social media app that gives you the chance to share your moments through videos. Whether you are a dancer, singer, pet lover, traveler, and whatever activity you engage in, you can get on this app, in order to enjoy the moment!


How to Go Live on Tik Tok on Android

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. And in this part of this article, you will get to know how you can access the “Live” feature using your Android phone.

  • On your Android phone, get on the TikTok app
  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on “Live”
  • Add a title to the live stream
  • Click on “Go Live”
  • Click on the “X” button to stop the streaming when you are done
  • Confirm that you want to end the streaming

How to Go Live on Tik Tok on iPhone

This is applicable to both the iPhone and iPad. So, follow the steps below to go live using your iOS device.

  • Open the app on your iOS device
  • Click on the “+”, which is at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on “LIVE”
  • Type in a title for the live streaming
  • Tap on “Go Live”
  • Swipe left for filters if you want them
  • You can also use the speech balloon at the bottom
  • To stop streaming, click on the “X” button

This will end the streaming when you are done.


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