How Do You See News On Facebook – The Facebook News Feed

How do you see news on Facebook? Wait before you answer that question I would love to know, is Facebook a news platform? Well, It is no surprise that the Facebook platform is not a news platform. If you are a regular user of the platform you should know about this. Since Facebook is not a news platform, what is it then? Want to find out? If that’s the case, then you need to continue reading.



How Do You See News On Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world right now, if not the best. The platform normally used for making connections between family and friends. But one of the things that make Facebook different from other platforms is that it can do what other social media platforms cannot do. On this platform, you can make friends and connect with people from all over the world. On this platform, you can play games, watch movies, buy and sell, send and receive money amongst others. The list of things to do on this platform is so long that it just goes on and on. And yes you can also find and see news on the platform, want to know? Continue reading.

The Facebook News Feed | Timeline

The Facebook newsfeed and time is a feature on the Facebook platform. And just like the name implies, this feature or place is a place on the platform where you can find and get updates on your friends and platforms you are following on Facebook. if a friend of yours post a picture or make a post on Facebook, the post will appear on your newsfeed. If also you are following a business page or a group on Facebook, you will also get regular updates from them on your newsfeed.

This feature is one of the most important features of Facebook. This feature can also be tweaked to your advantage. If you want to stop seeing those annoying posts from your cousin or ex, you can modify your Facebook newsfeed in such a way that you will stop seeing posts from them appear on your newsfeed.


Facebook Newsfeed Top Stories And Most Recent Posts

Posts and news on your newsfeed are arranged symmetrically. What I mean by the latter is that posts on your newsfeed to just appear there by chance. There is a pattern to it. There are two types of posts on your Facebook newsfeed and they are top stories and most recent stories. Most Facebook always mistakes one for the other. I will be telling you of the difference between these two shortly so as to get clarity.

Although they both appear on your newsfeed, they are different. Top stories on your newsfeed show the most popular posts from your groups, pages and from your friends at the top of your news feed. Most recent posts, on the other hand, show various posts from your friends, pages, and groups in the order that they were posted.

How To Adjust The Facebook Newsfeed Preferences

Just as I have mentioned earlier in this article. You can adjust your Facebook newsfeed to suit your preferences. To do this, follow the steps below;

New Facebook

  • Click on the drop-down arrow icon.
  • Click on settings and privacy.
  • On the next page select newsfeed preferences.
  • Next, customize your news feed.

Classic Facebook

  • Click on the three-dotted icon in the top left corner of your Facebook homepage.
  • Click on edit preferences.

From this page on the Facebook news feed preferences, you can now priorities whose posts to see first. You can also un-follow people and groups in order to hide their posts. To do this click on un-follow people and groups to hide their posts. Also, you can reconnect with people you have un-followed. Another thing you can do on this page is that you can manage your snooze settings.


What You Need To Access News On Facebook

You don’t need much to access news on the Facebook platform. As long as you are a registered Facebook user, you can get access to the newsfeed user. In other words, you need to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account you need to create one now. To create a Facebook account is easy;

  • Go to Facebook on your device.
  • Click on the crate an account tab below the login page.
  • Enter your details in the boxes provided and follow the on-screen instructions from there on forward.

That’s it. You have just successfully created your Facebook account. You can now start accessing news on the Facebook platform.

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