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How to activate free Facebook would be the question you start asking yourself when you run out of data. Facebook has made things a little easier by letting users use the platform for free. This means that you don’t need an active data subscription to stay connected with your loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, you still need a data connection, what you don’t need is a data plan. Despite the fact that using free Facebook limits you to a series of things, it is still a good way that you can communicate with your loved ones. Maybe in the future, you won’t be limited to just a few activities.


How to Activate Free Facebook

If you already know how to activate free Facebook, then you probably don’t need this article. Even if you know how to, I urge you to stick to this article to the end as you can learn a few things. Free Facebook gives you free access to text any of your friends on the Facebook platform. Although you are limited to a few features, free Facebook allows you to text, send stickers, and emojis for free. One good news about free Facebook is that it can be used on any device. Free Facebook can even be used on the PC web version of Facebook. What are you waiting for before you start using free Facebook?

Create Facebook Account New


Although you can use Facebook for free, there is no fun in it until you have an account. This is one of the reasons why I would be showing you how to create a Facebook account today. Now, a Facebook account is totally free to create but you need to meet a few requirements. You would need a mobile number or email address and you must be above the age of 13 before creating a Facebook account. Follow the steps below to create a Facebook account for free.

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Proceed to the Facebook website at
  • If you are using your PC, you should see a sign up form if you aren’t logged in to any account. If you are using your mobile device, you need to click the sign up link located below the sign in form.
  • Now, fill the form with all the required information.
  • The next step is verifying your mobile number. Simply do this by providing the five-digit pin sent to you in the text field provided.

Follow the rest of the Facebook recommended steps to get your account running. Note that you can skip these steps if you wish to.


Log in to Facebook

If you already own a Facebook account and you want to log in, then you are in the right place of the internet. This is the section where I would be showing you just how you can sign in to Facebook if you already have an account.

  • Open the web browser or mobile app on your device.
  • Immediately you open the website or mobile app, you would be provided with a log in page.
  • Fill this login form on this page with your email address, mobile number, or username and password.
  • After filling the form, click the log in button just beside it.

Wait a few seconds for the information entered to be processed. If it is correct, you would be logged in to our Facebook account.

Activate Free Facebook on the Web

Activating free Facebook is very easy on any platform you find yourself using, if you are using a PC, follow the steps below to activate free Facebook.

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Now, follow this link.

After a few seconds, you would be on the official free Facebook website for PC.


Activate Free Facebook on the Facebook App

If you are using the Facebook application and you want to activate free Facebook, then here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Open the Facebook application on your device.
  • Click the menu icon located at the top right corner of the Facebook app.
  • Click on “See More”.
  • Tap on “Free Basis”.
  • From the list of free websites, click on “Facebook”.

After a few seconds, you would be using free Facebook on your mobile device.


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