How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Of COVID 19 – How Your Phone Can Contact Coronavirus

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic do you know how to clean your phone to get rid of COVID 19? World health bodies and other local health bodies have set up protective measures in order to get rid of the COVID 19 virus. The virus is a fatal one. But one important factor about this pandemic is that over 80% of affected persons have recovered from the pandemic. But even at this, so many people have died it is therefore important that we all adhere to.



How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Of COVID 19

Most people all over the world are taking the COVID-19 pandemic not too seriously as they should. However, there are some persons who are taking this seriously and are adhering to all the safety measures provided by health bodies and organizations. Normally we have all been advised;

  • Not to touch our faces.
  • Not to touch our noses.
  • Avoid gatherings of more than 10.
  • To cover our mouth and nose when we sneeze and cough.
  • Clean down frequently used and touched platforms and tops.
  • Stay at home and self-isolate if possible.

These are some of the stipulated safety measures to practice to stay safe during this pandemic. But what people are not taking seriously is how to make sure our cell phones are clean and rid of the COVID 19.


How Your Phone Can Contact Coronavirus

A study once showed that one in six mobile analyzed phones have traces of fecal matter. Are you surprised by this? Well, you shouldn’t. These are the things that are contained in our mobile phones unknowingly to us. An average person touches their mobile phones an average of 2,617 times per day. Therefore with these stats, it is very empirical and important that we make sure our mobile phones are well cleaned. Cell phones contain microbiological organisms and some of these organisms may stay for a long time or short time on your cell phone surfaces. The coronavirus can stay up to 2-3 days on cell phone surfaces and from this process, may come in contact with the virus and get affected.


How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Of Coronavirus Or COVID 19

You can easily clean your cell phone device with soap and water using a soft cloth. The type used in clean glass lenses. But before you clean your phone it is important for you to contact your phone manufacturer. This is because if you clean your cell phone the wrong way, you might destroy your phone. Besides using soap and water to clean your phone, you can also use an antibacterial gel. Using an anti-bacterial gel is effective, but the most effective method is soap and water.

You can also use UV sanitizers to clean your phone. Ultraviolet lights have shown to slow down the virus over time. Therefore it is not an ideal measure. But you can just do it as a temporary means. You can also dip your device completely on water and soap but only if the devices model has an IP68 rating. However, if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t do this. Doing this may destroy your phone.

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