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Have you ever thought of how to create a business site on Facebook? Do you know that as a business owner, having a Facebook site or page is major breakthrough for the business? The Facebook Business site allows users to showcase and market their business for free.

Facebook is a platform that is being used by over 2.5 billion active users worldwide, and putting your business out there, makes it possible for you to get more customers or clients. Of course, you don’t just get a business site or page with creating it and that How to Create a Business Site on the Facebook article is here to help you through the process.



How to Create a Business Site on Facebook

How to Create a Business Site on Facebook is the method of setting a business page on the platform. If you’re a business, creating a Facebook business page or site lets you reach potential customers from over 2 billion users worldwide. Also, on the business page, you can add your own features that seem hard to implement on your website.

Business owners with pages on the platform can build a custom page, manage eCommerce shop, run ads, create and run contests and promotions. The fact that users log in to the platform daily, the potential reach of a Facebook page is large. Users on the platform can make interact with brands more than most of the social networks available. They can recommend a business or brand page once they become fans. Also, Facebook being a popular platform makes it possible for individuals to view your page because of search engines index it.

Facebook Business Site or Page

A business site or page on the platform serves as a free opportunity for brands or businesses to increase awareness and generate sales. In order to create a business site, you need to have a personal Facebook profile. Though your page or business site is separate from your profile, still a personal profile is required. So all you need to do is to log in your account. Creating a business page or site ave some pretty interest benefits or advantages. Now, let’s look at some of the benefits.


Advantages of Facebook Business Site

Facebook is the number 1 business tool to make use of for lots of reasons. That is to say, the platform offers quite an impressive advantages. Some of these advantages include the following;

  • With this business tool, you can reach lots of potential customers.
  • Brand awareness.
  • It helps to lower your marketing expenses.
  • The tool targets customers or audiences by demographics, interests, location, etc.
  • It brings insights into your audience.
  • The Facebook business site helps to build long term relationships.
  • It increases traffic on your website.

The above are some of the advantages or let’s say the reasons why you should consider using Facebook for your business.


Facebook Login

Before you would be able to create a business page on the platform, you need to have a profile. And the profile is not logged, you will have to log in. Open the app or access the login page using Type in your email or number and password.

The profile will be displayed on the device you’re using to log in. Now let’s head on to creating the business site.

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

Creating a business page or site on the platform is simple and also very fast. Now without wasting time, follow the steps below to create;

  • On your Facebook profile page, hit on “Create”.
  • From the dropdown box, hit on “Page”.
  • Choose the category you want.
  • Then provide the business information required; page number and the business category that consists of your business.
  • Once the category is selected, the box will expand and further information such as phone number and business address would be required.
  • Select making it public or to be seen by people in your city and state only.
  • Hit on “Continue”.

By selecting continue, note that you’ve agreed to Pages, Groups, and Events Policies on Facebook. The business site or page would then be created.

Now add pictures both cover and profile. Create a username for your business site and also provide some additional business details such as a description, location, contact, hours, etc. Then tell your story and last but not the east, create the first post.


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