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How to Create Iflix Account, now this something most users have been finding hard to do. But worry no more, because I will be showing the guidelines on how you can create your own iFlix account. Watching movies these days are very essential. Movies make us happy, sad, and more other emotions. It also makes us socialize with other people in our country or around the world through online social discussion gathering or physical with our friends. It is funny are you can get into a relationship through a movie.



How to Create Iflix Account


Signing up or creating an account iFlix is simple and free to. Iflix is a free subscription video-on-demand service that is focused on emerging markets. There are other online sites and applications we can get movies from. Iflix has been among the best video on demand (VOD) service site. Iflix is a free and subscription movie seeking site that provides us with movies genre of our choice. Its global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. And it is not available in all regions of the world yet.

Is Iflix free

You can get a free monthly trial after you have signed up but Iflix is a paid subscription video on demand (VOD) site service provider that contains a monthly payment subscription.


Iflix Availability

Some of the countries of which can use and access the Iflix site includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Maldives, and Cambodia. But soon will be available around the world in the coming years.

Iflix Home Page

After you have registered to your Iflix account you will be opened to the Iflix home page. There are many features you will see, some of which ii will explain below:

  • The Search icon: This is provided at the top right corner of the home page close to the profile icon. You can get to search for a particular movie you can’t find on the homepage.
  • Profile icon: This icon when clicked or tap on will open a platform containing your profile, account setting, and where you can pay for a subscription if you have exhausted your monthly free trial.
  • Home page: This is the platform were Iflix’s new movie series and straight movies are displayed as an advert to draw your attention to them. There are other movie feature under this which include TV, Movies, Comedy, New on Iflix, Action, Leklu, Tempatan, Crime, Romance and more
  • Kid’s icon: On this platform, you can get lots of TV shows for your kids some of which include talking tom, Boboiboy wheely ribbit, space guardians, and also newly made cartoons so they don’t feel out.

You can fully enjoy the streaming platform once you create an account. The process is simple, but if you’re finding it hard, I will be giving you guides on this article.
iFlix Sign Up.


Creating Iflix Account

Creating an account on iFlix is simple and fast. iFlix account can be created on your web browser and also on your mobile Android or iOS devices. These are steps to follow if you want to create an Iflix account but first, it must be accessible in your country to proceed using the below procedure:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to Iflix.
  • Go to the menu and click on sign up.
  • You can either sign up using your Facebook account or your email which is preferable to you.
  • Enter your First name.
  • Enter your Email address.
  • And create a password.
  • And click on Lets Play below to sign up.
  • Your account will be registered and you will be open to your Iflix page where you can enjoy your free monthly trial.

On your mobile device:

To create an Iflix account on your mobile you will have to:

  • Go to the app store on your mobile device.
  • Search and download the Iflix application.
  • Open the app once downloaded.
  • Tap on Sign Up.
  • You can either Sign up using your Facebook or email.
  • If you sign up using email there will be no information required as Iflix will automatically link and uses your Facebook details.
  • While for email you will fill in your First name.
  • Fill in your email.
  • And create a secured password for your account.
  • And tap on the Let’s Plays to open your Iflix account.

Your iFlix account will be created immediately.


How to Login Iflix Account

If you want to login your account maybe into another device you will have to:

  • Click or tap on the menu symbol at the extreme left.
  • Click or tap on the login.
  • Fill in your account details which are your email and your password.
  • Then click or tap on login.
  • You can also continue using your Google account or Facebook account already logged in your web browser or you’re mobile device to log in to your Iflix account.

The account will be logged in.

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