How to Download Videos from Twitter – Twitter Video Downloader

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Have you actually come across an interesting video on a social platform? Let’s say you come across a video on Twitter and you want to download it. Then to make it worse, there’s no download button on the video from your Twitter page. Well, you’re wondering how to download videos from Twitter, then you’ve clicked on the right post. Because I will be providing you with steps on how you can download to your device to watch later.



How to Download Videos from Twitter

In the globe today, some of the best interesting videos are shared on Twitter each day. Twitter is an interesting social network that would never disappoint you. Whether you’re there for politics, memes, sports highlights, animal clips, etc. Twitter is the best place to get it. It would actually be great to get Twitter videos for yourself, and you can also edit and share them with friends.

At first downloading videos from Twitter successfully was a failure. But as for now, there are great online tools you can make use of. Most of the tools for downloading Twitter videos are web pages. I’m going to show you how to download Twitter videos on this guide. But in other to download the videos on the platform, you need to be logged in.


Twitter Login

Logging in to your Twitter account is very simple and fast. It can be done using the mobile application or the website. Follow the guides below to login;

  • Launch the Twitter app or visit
  • On the page that would be loaded, hit on “Login” or Sign in”.
  • Type in your mobile phone number or username or email address and password.
  • Then hit on “Sign in”.

The account would be loaded on the device if the details are filled incorrectly. If you do not have an account, you can simply create an account.


Twitter Account

Creating a Twitter account is very simple and fast. You can create using the Twitter mobile app or website. The mobile application is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. It is free on the App Store of the device that you’re using. Follow the step by step guide below to sign up for an account;

  • Open the app on the device or enter
  • Hit on “Sign Up” or “Get Started”
  • Type in your name and phone number or email address.
  • Then hit on “Next”
  • The Sign Up option would be displayed, tap on it.
  • Verify the mobile number or email address.
  • Then create a password for the profile.
  • Select your interests or skip for later. Tap on “Next”.
  • Select the people you want to follow.

The profile would be created immediately.


Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter video downloader is a web app that is used to download videos and GIFs to your mobile phone or computer. Videos on the platform are embedded in the tweet, so in other to use the video downloader. You would need to copy the tweet URL/Link and paste on the box that would be provided on the downloader.

To download using the Twitter video downloader, follow the simple instructions below;

  • Open Twitter and locate the tweet that contains the video like to download.
  • Then copy the URL or Link of the tweet.
  • Open your browser and input
  • Paste the tweet link in the input URL box on the page and hit on the “Download” button.

The video would be downloaded into your device immediately. Once the video has been downloaded into your device, you can watch or share it with friends later.

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