How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook – Facebook Dark Mode 2020


How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook – Facebook Dark Mode and How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook – The Facebook dark mode had arrived on the social media app when iOS 13 arrived on September 19. However, few users realize the dark mode feature was already available on certain mobile applications such as the FB Messenger. Here is a Facebook guide on how to enable Facebook night mode on the Messenger app.


How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook

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The dark mode feature is the aesthetically pleasing option for inverting colors on your mobile device screen. Not only does the dark mode looks very good – but it is easier also on the eyes at night and can save your battery life as well. The night mode look is becoming an increasingly popular option, with FB Messenger joining applications, including the Google Calendar and Firefox for iOS incorporating the dark mode feature.

How do I activate the dark mode for Facebook Messenger Application?


The FB Messenger is the second-most-popular instant messaging application on the planet.

With more than 1.29 billion monthly active users, The Facebook Messenger is second only to Facebook-owned WhatsApp of over 1.59 billion users worldwide.

Some Messenger users are unaware of a dark mode option that is now ready for Facebook Messenger on Apple iOS as well as on Android devices.

The FB dark mode setting can currently be unlocked simply by sending a crescent moon emoji.

Once the users send the emoji, you will be notified to enable your messenger dark mode option.

Facebook Messenger dark mode: The feature is now available on the instant messaging application (Image: Getty)

The Messenger night or dark mode: it’s so easy to activate dark mode for Facebook Messenger App (Image: Getty)


Other famous applications with a dark mode option:

The Twitter night mode is aesthetically pleasing, as well.

Dark or night mode can be activated by navigating to the Messenger Settings section of the application, then choosing Display and sound and thereby turning on Night/Dark Mode feature.

There is also an option for the dark mode to automatically turn on at night, and then deactivate automatically in the morning.

If you own a Reddit app, you can enable Reddit’s dark mode too. Simply by sliding out the menu from the left of the screen, then tap Settings, next, turn on Night mode.

Users can now adapt how dark the colors are by choosing Night theme and selecting their personal choices.

Reading on a light background at night is usually tough on the eyes, meaning the Apple Books app offers different color options, including the night mode.

When you are reading next time, select the “Aa” icon, then select the color to the screen’s far-right.

FB Messenger dark mode: The look is quickly becoming an increasingly popular feature (Image: Getty)


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The Messenger night/dark mode: The instant chat application is second only to Facebook’s owned WhatsApp (Image: Getty)

Messenger users can as well adjust the brightness, or enable the automatic Night mode theme if they choose to let their Apple device to handle it for them automatically.
The Kindle reader’s applications naturally boast a similar night/dark mode feature.

When reading, click, or tap on the screen to display the different buttons.

Choose the “Aa” button, then Black at the very base of the screen.



The Facebook dark mode is aesthetically pleasing and offers great help to the eyes. It’s powerful in conserving your battery and relaxes the eyes.

Have you tried using this feature in the past? Tell us about your experience(s) in the comment box.

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