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Do you want to find out How to Get Facebook Marketplace? Well, this is not a new word now. As the service has rolled out since 2016. But most individuals are still unaware of the service. And I believe you clicked on this post because you wish to learn more about the Facebook Marketplace. Well, I’ve got you covered because I will be telling more about Facebook Marketplace. I need you to pay your attention to learn. Read on.




Table of Contents

  • How to Get Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Marketplace Categories
  • How to Access Facebook Marketplace App
  • Facebook Marketplace How to Sell

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is simply a digital marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services. The Marketplace is often referred to as Facebook Marketplace App. But this digital mart is not an app, but an inbuilt feature with the platform. It is available for individuals or users from the ages of 18 years above to use. It allows you to trade or shop for the items you want in your area. Here, you can;

  • Search for products or the kinds of stuff you’d like to purchase.
  • Search by category for the items you wish to get.
  • As a user on the platform, you can as well make out your own item listing. That is to say, you can sell your own items.
  • Previous and current transactions, also messages can be viewed on the page.
  • Build up custom bids.

Actually the Marketplace feature hasn’t rolled out globally, just in over 60 countries. The lucky countries that can enjoy the service include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Thailand, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Poland, etc. There are more countries that are not listed in this article. Facebook Marketplace is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.


Facebook Marketplace Categories

Just like every other online store for shopping, items are categorized. That is to say, there are different categories of items you get on the feature or service. The features include;

  • Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Home & Garden.
  • Entertainment
  • Classifieds
  • Apparel
  • Family
  • Sporting Goods.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace App 

Well of course to access the Marketplace app, you need to be logged in to your profile. Like I said earlier, the marketplace is accessible to users from the ages of 18 and above. That is to say, once you have an account on the platform and the marketplace is available in your location, you can use the service. If the marketplace is not yet available in your location doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get there. Just be patient because Facebook is working on making it global.

If you have a profile on the platform and it logged out, you need to log in. New accounts are not allowed to use the marketplace to avoid Fraudulent activities or scam. Now, follow the simple steps below to sign in;

  • Access your browser or launch the Facebook mobile application on your device.
  • Hit on the login button. Fill in the details of the account; email address or number and password.
  • Then hit on “Login”.

The profile would be loaded on the device immediately if the information entered is right. You can also create an account, but it won’t be able to use the marketplace app until it has been approved by the platform. Only old profiles are allowed to use the platform.


Facebook Marketplace How to Sell

The marketplace is free and simple to use. So you can freely make a listing that you want to be sold. Making an item listing on digital mart is simple and fast. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below to start selling;

  • Open the Facebook Marketplace on your account. It is represented with a “Shop” icon.
  • Once the app is loaded, hit on “Sell Something” > “Item for Sale”.
  • Input a listing title, price, your category and choose the category of the item.
  • Add a brief description of the item.
  • Hit on the “+” sign to add images of the product or item you’d like to sell.
  • Then hit on “Post” to commence.

The item would be listed on the Marketplace app for sale.

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