How to Open a WhatsApp TV and Make Money from It

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How to Open a WhatsApp TV and Make Money from It – Most persons are looking for ways to earn money in comfort. A lot have smartphones with platforms (Apps) in them that they use only for fun. Let me tell you there are more opportunities online and in those apps than you think. You must have heard people saying they are making more online, right?

You make use of WhatsApp a lot for major things like text chatting, video calls, voice calls, and Status update. There is more to the use of this service (WhatsApp) than you think.


Have You Heard of WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp TV order wise called “WhatsApp Television” is a unique type of account which is aimed at educating, entertaining, enlightening, creating awareness, etc. through the use of the WhatsApp status.

Since the introduction of the WhatsApp status feature, most of us spend time viewing the status of our contacts which are a lot of times in media format. It is one way a lot of persons enjoy their leisure as they get to be entertained and even inspired from people’s posts. This is just how the WhatsApp TV functions.

Requirements for WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV gives you an opportunity to make money over time, so long as you have the right audience. But before you start thinking about making money from this service, it is important you have the following criteria which are:

  • An effective internet enabled device (phone)
  • Great internet connection
  • Registered phone number
  • WhatsApp Business account

Things Which People Post on WhatsApp

The idea behind this service is to keep an audience tuned with the kind of information they need. Meaning, if your WhatsApp TV is about entertainment, you should look out for people or audience who are interested in entertainment.


These are things which people publish on their WhatsApp TV:

  • Funny videos
  • Memes
  • News
  • Savage
  • Entertainment video
  • How to make money videos, etc.

How to Open a WhatsApp TV

Asides the requirement listed above; you must make sure the following are in place:

  • iOS or Android device
  • A logo which communicates what your WhatsApp TV is about
  • A good brand name
  •  WhatsApp Business for iOS or Android
  • A great photo and video editing app to give your posts great quality

Once you have everything listed above, then it’s time for the big thing. To set up your own WhatsApp TV, follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install the WhatsApp Business App
  • Launch the app
  • Input the phone number you desire to make use of
  • Verify the phone number
  • Add he name of your TV and picture (Logo) for your account
  • Click “Next”
  • Welcome to WhatsApp TV guys!!!

If you followed the steps above meticulously, then you’ve successfully created your own WhatsApp TV. Now, to the money part.


How to Make Money from a WhatsApp TV

Knowing you’ve finished your set up, I am sure you are excited to make money from the use of this your WhatsApp TV.

One thing to know about the success of a WhatsApp TV is, the audience. Having the right audience and a lot of audience are the factors which would help you make money using this service.

Looking at the size and engagement of your audience, service providers can spot it as an advertising and marketing tool for their brands. Advertisers are always out on the look for engagement. This is why they make use of celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and social media influencers who have a large fan base. Meaning, if you have up 10-15k views from a status, you are in to make a lot of money from ads that would be run via your WhatsApp TV.

This doesn’t mean you get to make money when you have that much audience. It only means, the more audience you get, the more money you will make. As you publish anything on your status, continuously place awareness to run ads that will help grow their businesses and give it the boost for the next level.


How to Get Contents for Your WhatsApp TV

Getting contents to consistently post is a huge challenge for people but don’t worry, I got you covered, just take a chill. I advise you to install a Twitter Downloader App on your device. Twitter is one platform that gives non-stop contents especially those regrading savages, funny pictures and videos. You can also download these contents from platforms like Facebook and Instagram using their Downloader Apps. With these tools, you gain access to non-stop contents for your WhatsApp TV.

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