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How to setup your Facebook dating profile is what makes Facebook users think Facebook dating difficult. Now Facebook as a platform is pitching its new dating service as a way for users on Facebook to find meaningful relationships.  Find relationships through things that they have in common, which are interests and groups. This is an amazing feature that has made dating online very easy and experience to tell. For more information, you should continue reading.


How to Setup Your Facebook Dating Profile

Now as a user you may be skeptical of Facebook dating, do you know why? Well, finding a partner online is something super personal, even if not online. But you must opt in to make use of Facebook dating. Are you bordered if the dating feature is safe? Facebook dating has a feature whereby a user can easily block or report anyone. In order words prohibiting people from sending user photos, videos, messages and so on.



Facebook Dating Features

There are lots of features about Facebook dating and I will be telling you some of these features. Here are some amazing features on Facebook dating:

  • You are able to add your Instagram posts to your profile in Facebook dating.
  • Also, you can opt into events and groups to see people with similar interests, though remember you will also be visible to them.
  • You can add your Facebook and Instagram stories to your Facebook dating profile too.
  • Also, you can share details of a date with a friend on Facebook messenger to endure you feel safer on a date.

These are some features that Facebook dating possesses.

Facebook Dating Apk

Facebook dating is an app, which can only be accessed by Facebook users. This app cannot be downloaded because it is not a standalone app, but it can be accessed through the Facebook app. so you must have a Facebook app on your device when you want to access the Facebook dating feature. Facebook dating is not available in every country only few so I am going to tell you how to know if it is available in your country. You are going to see a dating notice at the top of your newsfeed or homepage. Or you will see a heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile.

Facebook Dating Profile

Before you can set up a Facebook dating profile you will need to be a Facebook user and also up to 18 years and above. You must also have the Facebook app, because without the Facebook app then you cannot access the Facebook dating app. The Facebook dating app is only available in IOS and Android devices.


Facebook Sign Up and Log In

If you want to create a Facebook dating account then you need a Facebook account. Here are steps to create a Facebook account:

  • Go to the website of Facebook
  • After that then you should click the sign up button.
  • Now you will be directed to a new page.
  • Just begin to fill in details about yourself in the page.
  • When you are done click the sign up button again.
  • Now you will need to verify your account with the digits sent to you.
  • Once you are done confirming then you will be welcome to the Facebook platform.

To Login;

  • Go to the Facebook website
  • Then type in your login ID, your email or phone number with password.
  • Then click the login button.

These are steps for you to access your Facebook account.


How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile

If you are confused and don’t know how to create a Facebook dating profile then you should read the steps below for assistance:

  • Login or access your account on Facebook.
  • Then you should click the dating notice or the heart icon, it will then directs you to where you can create your Facebook dating profile.
  • On the new page that you have been directed to, you will now then select your gender and also confirm your location.
  • Once or when you have done that you will see some 12 tiles and each of the tiles is either a photo or an answer to one of the dating questions.
  • Make sure these tiles are in place because it is a great way that makes your match know you better.
  • After that, you should now upload your photo.
  • Now you will be able to specify your match in the dating settings.

Once you follow all these steps completely then you will successfully create a Facebook dating profile.

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