How to Use Facebook Free Marketplace – Facebook Free Market


How to Use Facebook Free Marketplace – Facebook Free Market – FB Marketplace is currently, one of the most powerful online markets in the world today. No one does it better than FB in the sense that it is a global platform. No matter where you find yourself in the world, you can do your buying and selling with ease. Buying and Selling are what a market is all about. That is, transacting is what the Facebook Free Market is all about.

However, If you are looking for a place where you can sell or buy anything for free, it’s the Facebook Marketplace. There are lots of online platforms in the world which could either be a tool for buying, selling or both. Most of the time, you get to find out that buying is free (all it requires is for you to sign up).



For you to sell, it is a different case entirely because you probably would have to pay a fee monthly, to advertise your goods on their website. This is very different for the FB Marketplace so, take advantage of it because people are even using it for yard sales and all kinds of sales.

Free Guideline On How to Find and Use Facebook Free Market as a Buyer or Seller

Don’t forget, this platform is free and doesn’t function distinctly from your Facebook account. Once you get to your timeline, you will see a shop front icon. A click on that icon will introduce you into the Marketplace.

This is a huge gallery of items properly categorized to help buyers easily find the items they desire to purchase. Once you search for an item, you will be connected to people close by who sell that item. Click on the one you want and start a bargain.


It is programmed to help users set themselves up so buyers in locations they would like to sell to can see them.

To sell on this platform, upload pictures of the items you want to sell and include a proper description of the item.

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