How to Win Football on Messenger – Facebook Messenger Football Game


How to Win Football on Messenger – Facebook Messenger Football Game is a soccer game found to be one of the most engaging Facebook Messenger Instant Games. Players in their tens of millions play this game every day. Remember that Instant games are very great games and FB gives you the opportunity to invite your friends on their platform. All comes down to networking the world.

This isn’t like other soccer games you are used to. In this game, you don’t have soccer stars, goalkeepers, and goalpost just like the usual soccer game you know.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Football Game

Playing this particular soccer game is pretty easy all you need do is to constantly dribble the ball. Keeping the ball on air is the main idea behind the game. This may not be easy at all times and that’s why you need a hack. Immediately the ball hits the ground, that’s the end of gameplay so, you need to be very meticulous. Shortly, am going to give you an idea which will help you win this game and become the very boss amongst your friends.



How to Win Football on Messenger

Winning Football on Messenger isn’t as hard as it seems. To find this game on Messenger, simply login to your app, open up a chat window, tap on the Soccer Emoji.

To win this game, follow the steps below:

  • From your App store, download and install “Game Killer App”
  • Dribble the ball once then, open up the Game Killer App
  • Tap “Auto Identify”
  • Wait for the search to be completed
  • Tap “Pause”, then return to the game again
  • Dribble the ball twice and repeat the same step above
  • Dribble the ball three times and repeat the same step

Continue progressively then, enter the score you want and return to the game. After that, the score you entered would be displayed.

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