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Do you want to know about everything trending in India today? If you want to then Indiatimes is the best place for you. It is in fact not only the best place but the only place for you. This platform is your one-stop to everything happening in India and the world at large. There are some of us who know about this platform and as a result, visiting the platform every day, while on the other hand there are those who haven’t heard about it. Truth be told, I am a bit surprised if you don’t know of this platform. This platform is one of the most popular platforms in India and the world at large. The platform is visited by over 100 million persons monthly, wow!, now for the benefit of those who know nothing of this platform, what is ‘India times’ or Indiatimes?



Indiatimes is an online news portal. On this portal, you get to always be on the loop. This is due to the productivity of the platform. On this platform, you get access to trending stories on sports, politics, entertainment, technology, business, health and so many more. You can also get access to videos on this platform. All you need is an internet-enabled device.



Indiatimes Signup | Sign In

Do you want to keep up with happenings around the world via the Indiatimes platform? If you are then you need an account on the platform. With an Indiatimes account you will always be in touch with news all on things trending from, tech to sports, just whatever it is, you name it. In other to sign up for an account today follow the steps below;

  • Go to on your device.
  • You can connect and sign up with Facebook via your Facebook account or with your Google account. Or you can choose to connect and sign up with your mobile number or email account.
  • Follow the prompt from the next page to successfully create your account.

With this account, you will get notified regularly on trending news all over the world and in India.


How to Access Indiatimes

You can access this platform with your internet-enabled device. You don’t need an account in order to get unrestricted access to the platform. Having an account is optional. The only advantage here is that those with accounts on the platform get access to news faster and quicker than those without an account. To access his platform, go to on your internet-enabled device.

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