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Have you ever tried out Instagram Marketing before? Are you looking for an online platform with which to do your marketing, social media to be precise? Well, there are lots of social media platforms in the world today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so much more. Statistically, Facebook is the most visited social media platform in the world and therefore is the best social media platform to advertise.



Instagram Marketing


Facebook is a great platform when it comes to marketing but trust me, nothing should be taken away from Instagram. When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram should not be overlooked or underrated. Personally I think it’s the second-best platform when it comes to social media marketing. There are some users who even argue it to e the best. Want to know why this platform is regarded as one of the top platforms when it comes to social media marketing?

The Instagram platform is one that is used by over 1 billion people worldwide monthly. Another interesting fact about this platform is that a whopping number of 500 million people make use of Instagram stories every day. Do you know that over 60% of users on the Instagram platform login to their accounts at least once per day? The gender mix on Instagram is also pretty even. Here is something you should know about marketing o the platform also. Over 200 million users on Instagram pays a visit to at least one business profile per day.

Other staggering stats about business on Instagram are that75.3% of U.S businesses will make use of Instagram in 2020. One-third of the viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses. The stats of this platform just goes on and on. See why people love making use of the platform to market their business

Advantages Of Instagram Marketing

Sometimes I am just overwhelmed at how far technology and the internet have come. There was a time not too far ago where phones weren’t a thing as they were only seen as a communication device. But now, phones are a whole lot more. you can actually achieve a whole lot with them but only if you know-how. Marketing on Instagram has lots and lots of benefits. Take the statistics on marketing on Instagram above for one, and then you will have a glimpse of what I am saying. Below are some of the advantages associated with marketing on the platform and they are;

  • With Instagram, you can easily connect with customers across multiple platforms and channels.
  • With Instagram, you can also build a community easily that keeps coming back over and over again.
  • Instagram as a platform has various tools that can help propel your business to that stage you want it to be.

These are just some of the advantages of marketing with Instagram. If you have visited the platform before you will understand what I am trying to pass. The Instagram interface is a very beautiful one. The platform itself is so hard to resist, that will make you keep coming for more.


Useful Marketing Tips On Instagram

A lot of persons are using the Instagram platform for marketing, but not all of these platforms get the desired results. This might be due to the fact that they are doing something, they shouldn’t be doing. I will be giving you some useful tips to consider whenever you want to market your brand on the platform in a bit, don’t go anywhere.

Understand Your Audience

As you can see, I started with your audience because this is the most important part of Instagram marketing. If you don’t understand your audience on Instagram, then you will not meet up with your goals. No matter what you do or create, if it doesn’t appeal to your audience on the platform, there is no point. You have to take out time to understand your audience, find out what they are and what they eventually like.

In the bid of trying to understand your audience, you should try some Instagram marketing tools such as the Instagram insights tool and the listening tool. With the insights tool you can easily learn of impressions, reach, website clicks, follower activity, video views and saves on your account and brand.

Communicate With Your Audience

Make sure you always communicate with your audience on the platform. You have to talk to them personally, make them feel comfortable and free when interacting with your brand. Hold content’s on your Instagram page. With this, you will engage with your audience directly. You can repost your follower’s posts and images. It’s not that bad. It simply shows that you are listening.


Make Use Of Relevant Hash Tags

On Instagram, people make use of hashtags in finding new content’s and people to follow. You can also make use of this feature to your advantage here for marketing purposes. Look for hashtags used by influencers on your niche and make use of these hashtags.  There are ways with which you can tag your content’s on Instagram to make it easier for others on the platform to find.

Target hashtags to use rather than just picking random hashtags to use. Avoid making use of over-used hashtags and lastly don’t spam.

Know When To Post

When making use of Instagram for marketing it is important that you know when to post. There are times random posting can help, but there is time for posting, believe it or not. A poll recently carried out showed that the best time to post on Instagram is between 7-9 pm.


Make Professional And Beautiful Visuals

The Instagram platform in the first place is built mainly for visuals, photos to be precise. Take selling for example. Everything boils down to visuals or images. So when presenting your products make sure to present a good visual representation of them.

These are some of the tips to use when marketing on Instagram although they are not all. Other tips and tools to make use of are call-to-actions, tell stories, and work with influencers.

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