Insurance and Your Car: How Does Insurance Companies Value Your Car?

It is easy for us to note that not all insurance companies value your cars. Yes, most especially when it is not an auto insurance firm, you cannot expect an insurance firm that covers for life or possibly building to start valuing your cars; thus, it is only an auto insurance company that place values on cars because that is the policy to which the insured requested for from the insurance firm. The valuing of cars between auto companies differs in accordance to the different contents that are used as a yardstick to measure the value of the car and it is worthy to note that it is to the rate at which value is placed to the car will also determine the claims that will be issued out during theft or accident.


It is important for you to know how values are placed effectively in any insurance firm mostly when it involves the coverage of your cars and other important properties including landed properties because this will help you know what and how to negotiate during that particular time at which the policy wants to be agreed on. In a scenario where your vehicle is in an auto accident, it is worthy to note that your insurance companies pay you for the total value of the car (total cost of the car) or it pays you for the claims that are required for the damaged vehicle; these claims that will be given can be used to settle car loans or preferably to get a new car that has the same value as the one that was involved in the auto accident. Most times researches have shown that this part becomes difficult at which the auto insurance companies try to determine the car value; this is because most times the estimated car value comes in lower than you expected.


Actual Auto Insurance Value and Replacement Cost

Most times most insurance firm in some countries tends to underestimate the car value and the disbursed claims are not really what the insured estimated for. The insurance company actually bases on actual cash value (ACV); this involves the amount at which the company reasonably thinks one will pay for the car in a case scene of an accident or not. Amongst all, there are some popular criteria most insurance firm uses in rating a cash value of the car and they are; the year I which the car was produced, the model, mileage and the overall condition of the car. Even if a new car was purchased and an accident occurred the amount that will be paid will be lower than what the car was purchased for.  Thus, it is important that we don’t think that the insurance firm will give you the exact money at which the car was bought when the car has an accident or it is been stolen and could not be purchased.

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