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So many people out there have been asking this question; Is Google Classroom Free? And if you are just part of the people who ask this question, then you have just arrived at the right destination, as you will get the details that you just need. Let’s check out what this Classroom service is all about.



Is Google Classroom Free


Before making use of this service, you may want to find out the answer to the question of; Is Google Classroom Free? But before this, you will need some details on what this service is all about. This classroom service is an online platform that helps to enhance and improve the learning experience between teachers and students.

What is the question here? Is Google Classroom Free? Of course! Making use of this service is absolutely free. All you have to do register for the Google Apps for Education Account and make use of the classroom service for free. But you should note that the implementation is free only when you implement it yourself.

So, if you are just set to begin on this journey, let’s check it out.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online platform meant to improve a learning experience between tutors and their students, which takes place inside and outside of physical classrooms. It is part of the Google Apps for Education suite, which helps to improve paperless learning in the classroom.

This classroom service is a free collaboration that is available for the teachers and students in schools. These teachers are able to create online classrooms and invite students to attend this class. What else do they do here? It is also possible for these teachers to distribute assignments to students and keep track of their performances. Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is! You get so much than that. It is absolutely possible for tutors and learners to interact within this online classroom. What else? Parents can also keep track of their children’s performance too! With all these, you can tell how amazing this service really is.


Google Classroom Features 2020

This amazing and free service for schools, non-profits, and just anyone is brought to you with real-time amazing features. As long as you have got your Google account and Google Apps for Education account, you are just good to go. This service makes it so easy for learners and tutors to connect inside and outside the physical classrooms in schools. This service helps to save time, paper and makes it easy to create classes, give out assignments, and stay organized.

What is the feature of this service?

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Enhances and improves communication between teachers and students
  • Saves time
  • It is affordable and safe
  • Helps you stay organized
  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Accounts

With these features, you can just enjoy real-time and easy education. Schools and institutions are able to get their domains on the Google App for Education Suite.


Google Classroom Login

If you have got your account with the Google app for education, you can proceed further with the use of this service. Follow the steps below to create a class or join one.

  • On your web browser, visit the official website on Google Classroom
  • At the top of the page, click on the “+” button
  • You will find two option; select “Create Class”
  • Click on the small box on the page and Continue
  • Next, type in your class name, section, subject, and room
  • Click on “Create”

This will create the class and you can invite people to this class. How to join one? Check out the step below.

  • At the top of the page, tap on the “+” button
  • Tap on “Join Class”
  • Enter the class code and Join

That’s how it works!


Google Classroom App

Making use of this app is also free just for you! Follow the steps to download this app right away.

  • On your smartphone, go to your Google play store or Apple app store
  • Search for “Google Classroom” using the search bar at the top
  • Next, click on the official app
  • To go further, tap on “Install” or “GET”

This will proceed further with the download of the app.

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