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Junk mail, the folder which we all have on google, yahoo, or any other email platforms we use to send and receive emails.

We’ve got people asking what the junk mail is, the essence, and its use. Well sit back and read while I tell you how the junk mail could be of great use to us most times.


What is Junk Mail


Junk mail is a folder or a spam folder where unwanted incoming emails are stored to avoid it has been seen in the user’s inbox. Most webmail services and stuff that might not seem useful at the moment are especially stored in the junk mail or spam folder.

It could also serve as a filter for unnecessary web advertisements to enable you to have easy access to your inbox.


How does Junk Mail Work

When an email gets to you the email services sort it out by taking a look at the time the email arrived the email address of the sender and what the message content is.

If the email looks displeasing or looks less important direct or filters the email to the junk mail folder accordingly.

The email services also enable the user to decide what goes to the junk mail and what doesn’t go to the junk mail by adjusting it in the settings folder.

How to Access the Junk Mail Folder

To access the Junk mail folder isn’t as difficult as you. it also varies by the email platform you are using but they are all in a similar area.


On Google Mail;

  • On the left side of your screen under the categories section
  • Click on the More icon
  • You’ll see an expanded menu with the label spam
  • Click on it to access your junk mail
  • On Yahoo! Mail;
  • Once you are logged in on your Yahoo! Mail account
  • You’ll see a selector that allows you to access the spam folder on the left side of the screen
  • Click on it to access your junk mail

On Outlook.com Mail;

  • Log into your Outlook.com email account
  • Once you’ve done that You will see the selector that gives you access to the Junk Email folder
  • Click on the folder to expand the menu
  • This is still on the left side of your screen
  • After you’ve clicked on it you’ll have access to your android

On your Gmail app for smartphones;

When using the app on your android devices or IOS devices

  • Open the app
  • There you will see a menu that looks more like a hamburger at the top left corner of your screen
  • This will give you access to view all the folders
  • From the list of options, you click on the one that says spam
  • Then you’ll have access to your junk mails

On iPads and iPhones;

If you are using the default app on either your iPad or iPhone

  • Open the mail app
  • Go to the mailboxes view by backing out of the mail folder you are viewing or the inbox
  • In the mailbox view, you will see the junk folder just below the drafts and sent folders

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