Latest Breaking News – Top Online Platforms to Get Latest Breaking News


Want the latest breaking news? Here it is. Do you know that China has recorded no new cases of the covid-19 coronavirus? It’s a miracle, right? And I bet you don’t know? Do you know how I came about this information? Well, I didn’t get it from any news desk or news magazine of any sort. I got this information online and do you want to know something great about this piece of information? This piece of information is accurate and correct.



Latest Breaking News


One of the various things that keep this world connected is news. With the right piece of information, you will be updated on happenings around you both locally and globally. And thanks to news desks and companies all over the world, there is no shortage of news. But something about the news you need to know. The timing and accuracy of news matter a lot and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Personally I always get my self-updated by following the latest breaking news from all over the world and I do this online. Well, news from the news desks and newspapers are relevant and all, but I prefer my news fresh and out of the oven. And this is what online news platforms provide.

How to Get the Latest Breaking News

There are various ways of getting access to news both locally and internationally. You can get news from news stations on your television sets. You can also get news from newspapers and magazines. Finally, you can get access to breaking news online. Most news desk platform has online presences and from these platforms, users get news online and as they are breaking. When it comes to online platforms another good place you can also get news are on social media platforms. On these social media platforms, the news is gotten faster than on any other platform.


Advantages of Online News Services Or Platforms

If you still are not convinced about online news portals, below are some advantages and reasons why you should trust these platforms;

  • Unlike other news mediums, online news platforms let users and readers chose the kind of news they want to access.
  • News and information from all over the world can be gotten from one place.
  • With online platforms, news are updated quickly and regularly unlike other mediums such as newspapers where you get t wait for the next issue to get an update.
  • Getting news online is more economical when compared to other platforms and mediums.
  • It is free.

Still not convinced? I bet not!


Top Online Platforms to Get Latest Breaking News

Besides social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, there are other online platforms where you can get breaking news from and they are;

Yahoo News

This platform is first on the list because it is visited by over 175 million visitors monthly. This platform offers news on almost if not all categories. It is a great platform in general and you should visit it.

Google News

I know you are surprised by this as to how Google News isn’t the first on the list. This platform has over 150 million visitors each month and it will only take little time before it will be the first on the list.


This is the third on the list with over 110 million monthly visitors. Similar to yahoo news, this platform provides news on almost all categories such as sports, politics, entertainment, technology and so much more.


I know you have been waiting for this and here it is. Surprised as to its position on the list? It has over 95 million monthly users. It is regarded as one of the fastest growing online news platforms. Also, it has its own app and TV channel.

New York Times

This platform is the fifth on the list with over 70 million monthly visitors. This is an American based and owned platform. The layout of this website is similar to a newspaper and its visitors love this so much.

Other popular portals include fox news, NBC news, mail online, Washington post, the guardian, the wall street journal and so much more.


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