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Linkedin is among the most popular used social network in the world. It has millions of active users who constantly visit its page around the world. Linkedin is a professional social network that was built on a platform that connects various users who are around the globe together.


LinkedIn is a platform for highly skilled and trained personnel. It is an avenue for users who are professionals to share what they have with other users. Linkedin is not just a site where professionals can share what they have only. It is an avenue for job opportunities. This is a service where users can actually search for a job.

This wonderful social network was created and built-in in 2002 and was launched to the public in 2003. has up to twenty different varieties of languages. This gives users who speak and write one these languages easy access to operate on this social network. One nice thing about this service Linkedin is its rapid growth as the years go by.


LinkedIn Premium Features

  1. Jobs; a place where you can find job offers.
  2. Interests; your place of interest, things you want to interact with. This can be Company, Groups, Slideshare or learning.
  3. My network; where you can connect with people you may know. Add contacts from your address book.
  4. Business services; where you can post a job, talent solution, advertise your product, or a means of sales solution.
  5. Try Premium for free.

Linkedin Profile

You can make use of the Linkedin platform or website, but you must know what the Linkedin profile is. The Linkedin profile is a profile that allows Linkedin platform to recognize you as a user on the platform. Without a profile, you cannot make use of the Linkedin platform. You cannot message anyone or become a friend to someone on the platform. If you want to have a profile then you must create a Linkedin account, which I am going to explain when you read further.


Linkedin Create Account

Creating an account with will provide you with login details that will enable you continuous access to the account you created. Follow the steps below to create your own LinkedIn account;

  1. Launch any browser on your mobile device.
  2. Type in the URL on the search bar of the browser you lunched.
  3. The page that pops out will display two options. Tap on the “Join Now” icon.
  4. Enter the correct information required on the signup page and tap on the “Join Now”.
  5. Click on join now to proceed to the next page which is the verification and importing of contact from your contact list.
  6. You will be asked to verify your account by entering the code sent to your email on the required field.

Verify your account and that is all.


LinkedIn login

Linkedin account login will give you access continuously to the account you created. This is the main reason why you must always remember your login details. It will always give you access to your account. Below are to steps to log in to your LinkedIn account;

  1. Run any browser on your device.
  2. Enter the URL on the browser you open.
  3. Enter your email address and your account password to boxes at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap on the “Sign In” button and wait till you are redirected.

With you can be able to tell people around the globe what you can do. Like I said it is a platform where you can meet highly skilled professionals and trained personnel who owns or run a company.

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