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Are you ready to meet new people around the world? So many people have engaged their self with different video app around the world, like WhatsApp and other video apps. LivU is an app that connects people around the world that make people available for you, with LivU you can reach millions of people around the world and spend time while using LivU. Boringness is a sin because LivU with taking away bored life and will make it interesting by helping you chat and meet new individuals or friends all over the world.



You can connect with a loved one anywhere anytime and is good to communicate with different cultured. Are you still single there or you are searching for your suitor? Search no more because I will introduce you to an app to meet your partner. This app is formally known with a name called LivU app and finally release 2017 and later change the name to LivU. After the lease of the app, it was finally in Google play store and apple store. this App features download in the Android and iOS versions.


This app is a video call app that allows you to meet people around the world you can make a live video to any person you want around the world. The app allows you to know people from different countries and the earthly groups with their language by connecting people through LivU APP. This article features a different app version which we are going to discuss the next step. Let talk about some features of the Android and iOS and how they work with a different version on their own.

Features of LivU

This LivU App is to connect you with people around the world, you can use your emails to sign up with your Facebook or email. You can also make text with people and is designed to make your chart time in the situation that you want to end the call or hang up.


LivU Mobile App – Free App Download

This platform also supports an application for mobile devices like Android and also on iOS devices. Here I will be telling you how you can download this app on both devices and also on your windows if you are a system user. Let look through the following below;

On Android

This APP is only for Android users only. This app brings people from different countries together you can use this app to match with your partner and it comes with a video filter, like the sticker to look amazing and make the video interesting. With an instant message to text bubble flying on a live screen.

  • Go to the google play store.
  • Search on the LivU app.
  • Then, click on the install button to start downloading.
  • Tap on install to install on your smartphone.

Here are some steps that will guide you on how to install this App on your play store, if only you have a smartphone and to install the LivU app on your mobile phone.


This app is only for IOS users, Android users cannot access the iOS version. With this app, you can connect with people around you and all over the world. One-click can make you have a suitable filter or sticker for you. You make horrible ones make your look horror able.

  • Open the app store on your iPhone or iPod.
  • Search for the LivU app in the app store.
  • Click on install to start to download the app on your smartphone.

This step will guide you on how to install this app on your iPod and iOS.


For Windows

  • To Start, install Bluesacks on PC.
  • Then launch Bluestack on pc.
  • Click my App Button in the emulator.
  • Search for LivU- LivU chat via video.
  • Via live chat video app just installs it.

This is the step for download the app on windows.

LivU Account Registration

Don’t forget to download the app first before coming to this part of the article. Here is how you can set up your account on this platform. Step through the following guidelines that I am about to give to you now.

  • Open the app after downloading it.
  • You can use your Facebook account or Google account to sign up on it. But if you would love to use your mobile number, you just have to click the “connect with a Phone number” which is the last option.
  • Now, enter your phone number and click next.
  • You just have to follow the steps on it to complete the process.

If you notice any error when trying to use your mobile number, you can just return back and use your Facebook account or Google account instead. Choose your gender “Male or Female” and click confirm but before then you have to enter your date of birth, you will see the space above the gender. After that, you are good to go, and you can start using the app for your video calls and all.

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