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Messenger apk is a classical multi-feature texting app for the mobile device, with which you can share your video clips, pictures and you can also make calls for free which could be Audio or video calls. It is a very fast app that you can use to chat with multiple people at the same time. Messenger is an apk from Facebook and it permits you to chat with your Facebook friends but presently it has evolved to be a fully-fledged independent messaging app. It scans through your contacts, shows or adds all your mobile contacts. That is to say that, you can chat with your mobile contacts as well as with your Facebook friends.

It has an interesting collection stickers, GIF and emojis which can be used in your conversations with friends or contacts to express your feeling or yourself. One interesting fact about the Messenger apk is that it saves all your conversations even if you uninstall the app. The app is fast, you can access all your text messages from the app, it is an unlimited app, it is very secured to use because the company makes sure to keep your chats private with the encryption option. It is very reliable and fun to use, simple and free to you. You download the apk for free on the appstore of your mobile device.


How to Download the Apk

To download the messenger apk is very easy and free. There are no payments to download. You can easily proceed IOS or Android app store to make the download. Follow the instructions below to download;

  • Launch your IOS Apple store or your Android Google play store to download.
  • On the page that will appear, use the search field below or ontop of the store to type in Messenger to find.
  • Tick on the first result on the result page that will be displayed.
  • Then tick on the green download tab on the Messenger page to commence the downloading.

The Messenger app will be downloaded to your device if you have a good data connection from your service providers. You can also the app from the same page by ticking on the “Open” button on the page.

Signing In

Signing to the Messenger mobile app is very easy and fast, there is no much registration to be carried out before you can be signed in. You can sign in using your Facebook Log in details or you can use your mobile number to sign in and start a conversation with your contacts and Facebook friends.  Follow below;

  • Launch the App on your mobile device.
  • If the Facebook app is installed and you are logged in on it, messenger will automatically collect your details from the other app to sign you in, all you will do is to tick on Log in with Facebook.
  • You can sign in manually by typing in your Facebook account log in details; your email address or your mobile number and password, then tick on Continue to sign in.
  • You can sign in with your mobile number.

Your account will be signed in and displayed on the app.

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