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What is messenger Fb? I remember the first time Facebook rolled out a messaging app called the messenger. Well to cut the long story short. This app has been a success since its inception all thanks to its being the messaging tool of the Facebook platform and all its apps. Want to know more about this app, how it can be downloaded and its features? If you want to know, then follow me on this one.


Messenger Fb

Messenger Fb or the Facebook messenger is an instant messaging app. This app is free to use. It is an instant messaging app. Do you know what I mean by this? Normally when Facebook came into limelight, when communicating on the platform, you will have to wait for your messages to load before it can be sent to the other person. This made chatting boring and uninteresting. But what do you do? This was one of the best ways to communicate back then. But with the introduction of this instant messaging app, your messages on the platform are sent and received instantly as it is sent.


The Facebook messenger app is the instant messenger app of the platform. This is a standalone app. In other words it is a separate app to Facebook. But in order to make use of this you will need a Facebook account or a mobile phone number. This app also has some of the core features of the main Facebook app. You can access this instant messaging app and platform on both mobile and desktop.

Messenger Fb Features – Messenger Facebook

The Facebook messenger app has most of the core features of the main Facebook app. This app can be accessed via your Facebook account or your mobile phone number. The main feature of this app of course is the messaging feature. Some other features of this app include;

  • Video and photo sharing.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Voice messages.
  • Voice and video calling.
  • Group chats.
  • Share location.
  • Send and receive money.
  • Play games and so much more.

This app is the main messaging app of all Facebook apps. This means that without the messenger app, you will not be able to chat on any of the Facebook platforms.


What You Need To Access The Facebook Messenger App

You don’t need much to access this feature. Just like the Facebook main platform, you must be 13 years and older to make use of it. To access this app and its features you also need to have a Facebook account in place or a mobile phone number. Accessing and making use of this app is also free. You don’t have to subscribe to it to make use of it.

How To Download The Facebook Messenger App – Messenger App Download

Downloading this app is easy. And just as I have mentioned already in this article, making use of this app is free. This app can be downloaded from your devices app store. If you are using an android device, you can download this app from the Google play store. If you are using an Apple device on the other hand, you can download this app from the apple app store or the iTunes store. To download this app, follow the steps below;

  • Open your devices app store, phone or tablet.
  • Enter ‘messenger’ in the search box and search.
  • From the search results click on install or get to download this app to your device immediately.

Follow the steps above and you will download the app successfully to your device. Messenger is associated with every Facebook account as an icon as the main messaging tool. You can also access the messenger platform and register for an account Here.


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