Microsoft Planner App – Microsoft Planner – How To Create A Plan On Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Planner App – Microsoft Planner – How To Create A Plan On Microsoft Planner – When you hear the word Microsoft you know it all about Office 365, what about Microsoft planner? This platform is a planning application available on Microsoft Office 365. However, the application is available to premium business, and educational subscribers in Office 365. Also, the platform is use for personal and teamwork planning with a simple card-base interface which is similar to that Trello. Microsoft planner is an application feature added to the Microsoft Office 365 to benefits and gives mores to get work done for its users.

Microsoft planner is a platform set aside to organize tasks as teamwork which is similar to slack. However, the platform provides a medium for team members to create plans, organize, and assign tasks to different users in the organization. Also, to check updates on progress through the dashboards of the application. And provides a centralize place where files can be share and give visibility to the whole team in an organization. However, you will find the Microsoft planner app within your Office 365 apps after you subscribed to the Premium services.


How to create a plan On Microsoft planner?



If you planning for large projects, multiple tasks with various steps, or parties that collaborate with Multiple people. However, Microsoft planner is an organization and collaboration tool that allows users to create a plan for a project with the employees. Also, the platform helps to make work easier, more efficient, and more visual which is available only on the web. Here are a few steps on how to create a Plan in Microsoft planner;

  • Go to Office 365 the official website
  • At the homepage sign in with your work or school account.
  • Then select the launcher at the top of the browser window to access the Microsoft planner.
  • Select the New plan tab in the left pane and enter a name for your new plan and click on create a plan.
  • Then you can now add members of your team which will make your plan a successful one.
  • Also, you will need to add a bucket in your planner which will allow your tasks created. To organize and order tasks should be available.

Is Microsoft Planner free?

the platform is not free and it is available for anyone with a paid subscription to office 365 which might be a personal subscription or your company pays for. However, the platform integrates very well with Microsoft Teams that can be the central hub for teamwork and communication.

The main integration happens among the Microsoft stack particularly with email(outlook). And document storage such as SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. However, this integration makes working across all your apps extremely simple steps.


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