National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship Program (up to $70, 000)


Application call for the national academy of education/spencer fellowship program (up to $70, 000). The program supports up to 25 early-career scholars working in critical areas of education research.

Funded by Spencer, but administered through the National Academy of Education, the $70, 000 fellowships support early career scholars who through rigorous research, show potential for making significant contributions to education.



The applications are reviews by NAEd members and judged on the applicant’s past research record, career trajectory, and the quality of the project described in the application. Read on to find out more about the fellowship.


National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship Program

The fellowship program is designed to promote scholarship in the United States and abroad on matters relevant to the improvement of education in all its forms.

National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship Program is very special and the reason is that it funds early career scholars from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

Over the years, past fellows have been awarded this fellowship program, which includes most of the productive and influential education researchers that we have today. There is so much that you need to know about the fellowship program, however, you need to read on to find out more.

Brief Description/ Purpose

The National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship Program supports up to 25 early-career scholars working in critical areas of educational research.

These fellowships support the nonresidential postdoctoral proposals that make significant scholarly contributions to the field of education.

The NAEd fellowship program also develops the career of its recipients through professional development activities involving the National Academy of Education members.



November 18, 2020


The fellowship program will give out an award of $70, 000 to 25 scholars. Scholars may elect to take the fellowship full time over one year or half time over two years. It is a nonresidential fellowship.

The scholars may conduct their research at their home institution or at another research site that they have arranged. During the program tenure, fellows are required to attend three professional development retreats hosted by the National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellowship program. And then to make a formal presentation of their research to the Academy.

Additional travel funds for fellows are available to them to attend these meetings. You can learn more on the NAEd Postdoctoral Fellowship page.


  • Fellows may not receive other concurrent funding for their project during the tenure of the program or fellowship.
  • They may not hold a separate grant from the Spencer Foundation during their fellowship period.
  • Fellows must receive approval for their project from a human subjects’ review board prior to the release of fellowship funds.


  • Applicants must have received their Ph.D., EdD, or equivalent research degree between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2019.
  • Applicants must be made by the individual applying for the fellowship. Have in mind that, group applications will not be accepted.
  • The proposed project must be a research project.
  • Applicants may not be employees of the Spencer Foundation or the National Academy of Education.
  • This is a nonresidential fellowship and international applicants are welcome.

How to Apply

Applicants must have the following information included;

  • Current institution
  • Demographic
  • Terminal Degree
  • Project
  • References and uploads.


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