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Do you know of the NPR radio station? The world is so connected today that you don’t really have to move from one region to another to get the required information you want. Over the years connectivity around the world has greatly improved.

There are various reasons for this development, just in case you are wondering. One of the reasons or tools that have greatly contributed to movement and information moving around the globe is news platforms.

With news platforms, one can easily keep himself updated with happenings around the globe. And in this article, I will be writing on one of these news platforms known as the NPR radio station.



If you are a citizen or a resident of the US, it is hard not to know of the NPR radio station. Now before I go any further in this article, what is the NPR radio station? Npr stands for national public radio.

This radio station is both a private and publicly-funded American non-profit membership media organization. This organization has got its headquarters in Washington DC. This platform was founded in a bid to create or provide more information to the public.

The NPR radio station and its member stations have made getting access to both local and international news possible. This platform has connected millions of Americans all over the region to their platform on-air, online, and in person. This platform is not just a radio station.

NPR as a platform is a network of other radio stations. It collaborates with other stations both local and national stations known as member stations to take the news to places it is needed. With this, this platform makes local stories national stories and makes national stories local stories and also personal.

This platform is so popular among American citizens that it has over 100 million audiences across various platforms. It also has over 1000 member stations broadcasting its programs. The NPR radio stations across the US experience over 27 million on-air listeners weekly. Quite impressive, right?


NPR Radio Station Membership

Like I said earlier, this platform is more than just a radio station platform. NPR is a radio station on its own and other radio stations both local and national partner with them to get the news to where they want it to get to.

Now for a radio station to partner with NPR, it has to apply for a membership spot. For a radio station to be accepted it must meet up with the criteria’s of the platform and some of these criteria’s are;

  • 18 hour a day broadcast operations.
  • A minimum number of staff.
  • Mission as a radio station.

To be an NPR radio station member you also must pay the annual membership dues. As a member station, you also will pay for individual NPR programs you chose to broadcast. Becoming aNPR radio station has lots of advantages and benefits to both local and national radio stations.

As a member station, you will be given exclusive rights to NPR programming, digital and content distribution. This also includes its mobile products. As a member station, you will also have a voice in the platforms consultation with members and also a vote in the platforms electoral processes such as when choosing its board of directors.


How To Get Access To NPR Radio Station

The NPR radio platform has over 1000 member stations all over the US. To get access to this platform and any of its member stations,

  • Go to NPR.
  • On the station’s online portal, you will get access to the platform’s member radio station frequency.

Since this platform is also a large one, it might very much be possible that your local station might e a member station of the NPR platform. To get more information regarding the NPR radio platform.

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