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The information (news) published by the New York Times is what is referred to as NYTimes News. NYTimes News simply means New York Times News. The New York Times, an American newspaper, is based in New York City. Also, they were founded in 1851 several awards over these years. They are daily morning papers that have gained international and even worldwide recognition. They are ranked the 18th in the world and 3rd in America by circulation. The New York Times’s motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print”. The paper is owned by a parent company called The New York Times Company. The New York Times is known for its excellent editorial skills and well-arranged write-up.



NYTimes News

The NYTimes News is targeted at the urban audience. Facts gathered stated that most of the readers of NYTimes News are under the age of 30. There are several sections on the NYTimes News. These sections are the topics out of which every article is grouped. They include Politics, Business, Science, Technology, Sports, Health, ARTS, Books, Real Estate, Opinion, Food, Style, Magazine, Travel and a lot more. The News is published by NYTimes are always very thorough.

NYTimes News Website

The NYTimes News has also upgraded to the internet. This started on the 22nd of January, 1996 and their domain id “nytimes.com”. There currently is a Chinese website for it too.  They were ranked 105 in the world and 29 in the United States of America (US.A). They now have a website where one can have daily access to most of the News contents being published on prints: referred to as electronic News (eNews). The New York Times also has an application for easy access to mobile devices.


NYTimes News Account

One can also sign up to NYTimes News online and have what is called a Times Account. The Times Account will give you regular updates on their News and access to all their articles although one needs to subscribe to this account to get all the updates. Without an account, one cannot gain access to the daily updates, the features the Times Account has and articles that the Times Account has to offer.

Times Account Sign Up

To sign up for the Times Account is free. The Times Account Sign Up gives one-month subscription-free access to their News. This is only for new subscribers and it is only for the first month. After this, one has to subscribe to gain access to what the Times Account full offers and serves. Below are the easy steps involved in the Times Account Sign Up.

  • Go to the “nytimes.com” on your browser or download the New York Times App from your Play Store or Appstore. Do either on your system or your mobile device.
  • Click or tap on “Login” at the right-top corner of the NYTimes page.
  • Click or tap on “Create an account” on the sign-in page.
  • Enter your email and password that is active in the space provided on the sign-up form page.

And your account is created. You can also access the page and receive updates on the site and account in your email. Also note that the NYTimes app does not support some contents like the New York Times Crossword, for additional restrictions apply.

Now that your account is created you, you can subscribe to a service of your choice. There are a couple of services to subscribe to. They include;


Prints Subscription

This Print Subscription covers the news being published on prints. This subscription also comes with a full digital experience. The Prints Subscription varies from daily prints to weekly prints to weekenders. It depends on the one you prefer. The Prints Subscription goes alongside with the delivery subscription. This would have your newsprints delivered to you.

Digital Subscriptions

This provides access to NYTimes contents. The print subscribers also get free digital access. You can pay for your digital subscription through PayPal, Apple Pay, debit or credit card. You will be charged automatically on a recurring basis and automatically renew your subscription. Depending on your subscription plan, you can also share your subscription with a maximum of two people. These persons will have access to NYTimes so long as you are a subscriber or until you revoke their access. At any given time, you can cancel your subscription by contacting the NYTimes “Customer Care”. One can gift Digital Subscription to another.

Gift Subscriptions

This is a way for you to gift out The NYTimes. The Gift Subscription is available for different NYTimes products and contents. They are Digital News, Home Delivery, Crossword, and Cooking. The NYTimes currently offers 3 months, 6 months and 12 months Gift Subscription. Multiple Gift Subscriptions can be purchased and then delivered to its recipient. The delivery can also be scheduled.

The recipient email address would be required or a house address in cases of home delivery. A nonrefundable full purchase price will be charged at the time of purchase for any Gift Subscription. One can pay for Gift Subscriptions via PayPal and credit cards. The recipient would only gain access to what that particular Gift Subscription offers.


Recipient of Gift Subscription

As the Recipient of Gift Subscription, you will get a “gift redemption code”. The code is sent to you in an email that notifies you that you have received a gift. It is this code that makes you recognized by The NYTimes that you are a recipient of a Gift Subscription. In order to activate your Gift Subscription, you must use this code when you redeem your gift.

Just click or tap on “Redeem” in the Gift Subscription email to redeem your code. Go to “nytimes.com”, click on the icon “Code”, and then click on the icon “Redeem”. You will have to enter your redemption code and follow the prompts to begin your subscription. Your Gift Subscription begins as soon as you redeem your code. You will need to create a Times Account to use your Gift Subscription if you do not have one already.

You have unlimited access to NYTimes.com until the duration of your Gift Subscription ends. If you already are a subscriber and you receive a Gift Subscription same as your subscription, you could give it out to someone else. But you could also cancel your current subscription and redeem the Gift Subscription if it contains more than your subscription. Note that you can only redeem your code once. So you share the code with someone else if it has not been redeemed yet. Contact the “Customer Care” service in case you lose your redemption code.


Group Subscription

NYTimes provides digital group access to hotels, companies and other noneducational organizations. It provides digital access to individuals within an organization. The organization supplies the names, email addresses and the title of the users it wants to provide this access. There are several options available.

They are NYTimes.com Group Passes, NYTimes.com Site Licenses. The NYTimes.com Group Passes grants 24 hours of digital access to the NYTimes but only to a set number of individuals within an organization’s network.

The NYTimes Site License will allow digital access to every individual within an organization’s network. Also, a web-only NYTimes.com subscription is available under the NYTimes.com Site License program. These options on the subscription are all available under the NYTimes.com Group Subscription program.

The NYTimes News is educative, informative, insightful and has varies of options for one to access their news updates at convenience and with ease.

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