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PayPal Fundraising on Facebook – Fundraising has become a very popular means to help grow our society today. We donate funds for different purposes but every of this purpose is centered on a vision and that vision is “Contributing to the society”. Several organizations and institutes create fundraising platforms and individuals, institutes, and organizations to take this as a means to contribute to humanity. For instance, ending child poverty and taking children back to school has been one of the major areas in the world requiring funds. Healthcare on the other accept is another area requiring massive funds to help improve the standard of health in the world today.


Facebook Fundraising

Facebook gives users and organizations the opportunity to raise funds for a nonprofit and personal cause. Before the introduction of the internet and social media platforms, fundraising wasn’t this easy because everything had to be done physically. Organizations would have to go all out and campaign for weeks before they get people to donate to them. This was stressful and very ineffective because you could only reach a selected group of people.

I was so glad the day I came across the Facebook Fundraising for the first time. With this service, you can sit in the comfort of your home and start your campaign for the whole world to see. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that donors can make donations with just a click on their device. This is where services like PayPal comes in. PayPal is one of the best payment processors in the world and for Facebook to partner with them in aiding their fundraising service, then they are reliable.

To start a fundraising campaign, follow the steps below:

  • Log in your Facebook account
  • Get to your Newsfeed and click “Fundraising” found in the left menu
  • Tap “Raise Money”
  • Choose “Nonprofit” or “Charity” (If it’s for a personal cause, select yourself, someone or friend)
  • Pick a charitable organization (For a personal cause select a category)
  • Upload a cover photo with details about your fundraising
  • Tap “Create”

You can invite people to your Fundraising by simply clicking “Invite” from your Fundraising.


PayPal Fundraising on Facebook

In this part, you going to learn how you can use PayPal to make a donation in your fundraising. This isn’t hard in any way if you pay close attention. See the steps below:

  • Navigate on PayPal to “Donate Button” page
  • Sign in with your details as the one receiving the funds
  • Fill in the details required (Button type, Organization name/service, currency, and Contribution amount)
  • For the rest settings, you can leave them as default
  • Click on “Create Button”
  • A new page with codes in a text box would be displayed
  • Select the email tab
  • Copy and paste the link in the email tab to your Facebook donate button settings

Now, you can take donations. All your donors need do now is click on the donate button in your Facebook Fundraising and they would be directed to use their PayPal account on the PayPal fast pay screen. This is very easy, I assure you.

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