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The Pokemon Games are video games that are developed and built up by the pokemon company international. The company is a subsidiary of the pokemon company in Japan and they tend to manage the built games and properties of the head company outside of Asia.

Are you looking for the best video game to play offline or online? Do you want a well built and technological game to play with the right innovations?  Then you can get all the best of the video games for the Pokemon company international.

The company is a  globally recognized company that is known for its durability and quality video games which has captured a lot of fans and players. They are not just new in the system but have been existing for decades so you have a full list to select from.




Pokemon Games

This company (pokemon company international a  subsidiary of the pokemon company in japan) is purely responsible for brand management, licencing, marketing and the pokemon trading card game.

They are also mandated by the head company to be responsible for the animated TV series, home entertainment and the official pokemon website. The exact year that the pokemon was launched in 1996.

Do you know that this company is one of the most popular children’s entertainment properties all over the world?  You can always get the best for yourself and your family including your kids from the pokemon company international.

The core games of the company are released in generations, each with different pokemon storyline and characters. A remake of the games is usually released a decade after the original versions for the latest console at the time.

Currently, on the list of best media franchises, the pokemon is the world’s largest media franchise with successful anime series movies and merchandise. With over 1 billion mobile games downloads worldwide from the spin-off game pokemon-go, the company is still growing with games development.


Pokemon Games For Switch

Coming from the old pokemon games, they need a Nintendo switch to play them. Porting the generation 1-3  games to switch will make fans buy titles lost to obsolete gaming systems and enjoy them all over.

Many of the pokemon fans feel that the game series of the company has been lost to time because they are not available for play on the switch. Fans have long expected that one of the old pokemon games should be ported to the modern system like Nintendo switch so that they can go back and access the original game more easily.

Porting the older generation games to switch would fix the age-induced access issue for some of these titles and remove the risk and stress of players downloading illegitimate port jut for them to play through a favourite generation one more time.

The list of games of the game below can  be played on the  switch;

All of these games listed above are available for play with the Nintendo switch.


Online Pokemon Games

There are so many games that are online on the pokemon company platform available for all fans of these games and videos. Join the Hoenn celebration event in pokemon Go to catch kyogre Groudon and more. Get some of the video games are;

  • Chansey demands snacks
  • New pokemon snap
  • Pokemon master EX
  • Pokemon unite
  • Legendary pokemon pierce the darkness in the max lair
  • The crown tundra
  • Pokemon sword and pokemon shield
  • Livin large with Snorlax and duraludon

There are other interesting video games that you can get from the pokemon company. All you need to do is launch your browser at www.pokemon.com video-games.


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